"Unu have heard that it were said - 'Love thy companion an hate thy enemy.' But I-man tell unu, that unu might be childran fe your Faada Who are ina Heaven - love your enemies, an bless them who curse unu, an do fine fe them who hate unu, an pray becau them who persecute unu; fe HIM send forth Sun pon evil ones an pon goodly ones, an sends rain pon righteous ones an pon sinners. If unu love them who love unu what reward do unu have? How about tax collectors - wouldn't them do that? An if unu greet only your bredren what superiority do unu mek? How about sinners - wouldn't them do that? Thus like unto your Heavenly Faada were perfect - be perfect ones." SELAH.


Mafia & Fluxy Meets Gussie P - Oriental Dub Vol.1

River Bank LP, 2005

 1) Shocking Skank
 2) Bosnia Rock
 3) Judgement Dub
 4) Level Headed Dub
 5) Shanti Skanker
 6) Mekanikal Dub
 7) Turbo Dub
 8) The Gussie Tractor
 9) Oriental Dub
10) Upsetting Lick


Colour Man - Kick Up Rumpus

Creation LP, 1986

 1) Watch The Jeep
 2) Comeing From Dance
 3) Cala Bash Style
 4) Kick Up Rumpus
 5) Dirty Ways Gal
 6) A Ramshouse Business
 7) Vibez Up A Sound
 8) Plain Truth Lyric
 9) Wicked Dem Wicked
10) Darknes Cover The World

Bass: Daniel Thompson
Drums: Rangutan
Lead Guitar: D. Pickney
Rhythm Guitar: Lacelles Beckford
Percussion: Skully
Piano: G. Anderson, Red Fox

Produced by: Cashima 'Dave' Steele
Engineered by: Bunny Tom Tom, Chemist
Recorded at: Mountain Music & Channel One

Requests #1:

Michael Fitzroy - Standing In The Dance [Capricorn 7'', 1988]

Tyrone - Lovers Dub [Venture LP, 1980]

Tan Tan & Steve - Misty [Third World LP, 1980]

Mega Banton & Snake Man - Decision -- Flop Yu Mate [Blsck Scorpio 12", 1993]

Errol Brown & The Revolutionaries - Culture Dub & Medley Dub, 2CD Expanded Edition

Various - Take A Ride [Real Authentic Sound LP, 1991]

John Mouse - Who Is John Mouse [The Brown Brothers Records, 1991]

Robert French - Peace Officer [Bare-Back LP, 1986]

Genuine Jamaican Reggae, Ska & Rock Steady Music Vol. 1

Scotty - Dancehall Fire [Overheat Records CD, 1993]

Taw Harris - Non-Fiction [Bee's Production LP, 1995]

The Rockers Disciples - International Dread Arena
[RockDis Music 2007]

V.A. - Dancehall Youth Splash [Fighting Eagle LP]


LMS - Reality Check

VP LP, 1999

A1) Here We Come
A2) Cease All Wars
A3) Saddle Up [Feat. Morgan Heritage]
A4) Sound In The Air
A5) Girl From Kingston Town
A6) Shine & Glow
B1) Wicked Man Clique
B2) Wicked Manslaughter
B3) Royal Foundation
B4) Your Goodness
B5) Think Twice [Feat. Morgan Heritage]
B6) Dance (In The Party)


Junior Murvin - Signs & Wonders

Live & Learn LP, 1988

 1) Signs & Wonders
 2) God Bless Pickney
 3) One Big Family
 4) Loving Feeling
 5) People Of The World
 6) Anything Bad (They Call It Black)
 7) Super Power
 8) Rescue The Children
 9) Jah Will Bless You
10) Propaganda Minister

Produced by: Delroy Wright


Leroy Smart - Live Up Roots Children

Striker Lee LP, 1984

 1) Saturday Night
 2) Dancehall Style
 3) Just Let Me Love You
 4) Girl You Got Me Going
 5) I Don't Want to Be Lonely
 6) Baby Love
 7) Live Up Roots Children
 8) She Can Dance
 9) Jah Jah Forgive Them
10) Jah Jah Guide
11) Strickly Sensie

Bim Sherman - It Must Be A Dream

Musidisc CD, 1997

 1) My Woman
 2) Just Can't Stand It
 3) Can I Be Free From Crying
 4) Missing You
 5) Lovers Leap
 6) Simple Life
 7) Solid As A Rock
 8) It Must Be A Dream
 9) Bewildered
10) Over The Rainbow
11) Golden Locks

Massive Dread - It's Massive

Upfront LP, 1983

A1) Justice, Love & Harmony
A2) Pussy Pon The Window
A3) Bubble Her In J.A.
A4) Follow Fashion Monkey
A5) No Countryman No Exist Again
B1) Nice Dem Up
B2) Shake & Bubble Senora
B3) Young Gal No Sell You Body
B4) Nimble
B5) Penny Reel


King Mellow Yellow Meets Yellowman

Jam Rock LP, 1982

Record date: 1982

 1) Road Block
 2) Solomon
 3) Wife & Sweetheart A Friend
 4) Skylarking
 5) Super Sexy
 6) Lovers Take Over
 7) Well Colourfull
 8) Bam Bam
 9) Im Getting Divorce
10) Yellowman Special

Vocals: Yellowman & King Mellow Yellow


Michael Rose - Be Yourself

Heartbeat CD, 1996

 1) Rude Boys (Back In Town)
 2) Hold It Down
 3) Be Yourself
 4) Black Maria
 5) The Juice
 6) Dummy
 7) I Love King Selassie
 8) From Babylon to Timbuktu
 9) Everything is Pretty Fine
10) Its Beautiful
11) Agony
12) Guess Who's Coming To Dinner


Knowledge - Hail Dread

A&M LP, 1978

 1) What's Yours
 2) Population
 3) Hail Dread
 4) Words, Sounds And Power
 5) Fools And Their Money
 6) Zion
 7) Sentry
 8) Goodluck My Friends

Lee Van Cliff - Rock It To Me Twice

J&L Records LP, 1982

A1) It Ave Fi Cork
A2) Never Call No Fowl
A3) Sister Fay
A4) Rock It To Me Twice
A5) Under You
B1) African Girl
B2) Wiser Than Solomon
B3) Lost My Baby
B4) Me Just Love


Massive Dread - This Is Massive

Nyam Up CD, 1998

Record date: 1984

 1) This Is Massive
 2) Strictly Bubbling
 3) Chicken Chest
 4) Vamps On The Corner
 5) Justice Love Harmony
 6) Pussy On The Window
 7) Bubble Her In Ja
 8) Monkey Do
 9) Wha A Bother Dem
10) Nice Dem Up
11) Shake & Bubble Senora
12) No Sell Yuh Body
13) Nimble

Backed by: Derrick Barnett, Mikie "Boo" Richards*, Sly & Robbie

Produced by: Valerie Cowan, Wailing Souls
Engineered by: Jeffrey Chang


Gregory Isaacs - So Much Love

Joe Gibbs CD, 2000

 1) Sooner Or Later
 2) Girl Of My Dreams
 3) Once I Was Lonely
 4) So Much Love
 5) Do The Right Thing
 6) Miserable Woman
 7) Lady Of Your Caliba
 8) Resume
 9) One Half Affair
10) Started Out As Friends
11) Spend The Night
12) Cutee Cutee
13) War & Poverty
14) What My Baby Is Doing
15) Goodbye

Gregory Isaacs - Over The Bridge

Dee Jay Music CD, 2000

 1) Someone Con The Don
 2) Student Of Your Class
 3) One One Coco Full Basket
 4) Spot And Beat The Banker
 5) Just In Case
 6) Over The Bridge
 7) Hide & Lick (Original)
 8) Stop What You Doing
 9) Mail Box
10) Dub Them Mail

Backed by: Clive Hunt, I & I Crew, Anthony Thomas, Bernard Lamour Fagan, Imoja & Alphonso Bernard

Produced by: Anthony Doeman & Gregory Isaacs For I & I Sound
Mixed by: Clive Hunt, I & I
Recorded at: I & I Studio
Mixed at: I & I Studio

Bushman - My Meditation

Jet Star CD, 2003

 1) King Selassie
 2) What You Gonna Do
 3) A Better Place
 4) You Got Me Going
 5) Tell Me Why
 6) Gangsta Life
 7) My Meditation
 8) Higher
 9) Doesn't Matter
10) Back Weh Vampire
11) Fill My Cup
12) Mama
13) Bloody City
14) Only Jah
15) Love Will Turn You Around
16) Old Gun John Crow

Johnny Ringo - Johnny Ringo

Absissa LP, 1982

 1) Reggae Connection
 2) Back Off
 3) MC Connection
 4) When We Marry
 5) Herpes
 6) Hello Dolly
 7) Quiet Quiet
 8) Everyday a Christmas
 9) Sipa Sipa
10) Quesas Dias

Vocals: Johnny Ringo
Backing Band: The Roots Radics & The Gladiators
Bass: Errol Flabba Holt
Lead Guitar: Dwight
Rhythm Guitar: Bingy Bunny
Percussion: Bongo Herman, Sky Juice
Piano: G. Anderson
Horns: D. Frazer

Produced by: Bunny T

Eek-A-Mouse - Skidip!

Greensleeves LP, 1982

 1) Sensee Party
 2) Looking Sexy
 3) Modelling Queen
 4) You Na Love Reggae Music
 5) Always On My Mind
 6) Do You Remember
 7) Skidip!
 8) Na Make Mi Girl Go Away
 9) Fat And Slim
10) Where Is My Baby

Backing Band: The Roots Radics