"Unu have heard that it were said - 'Love thy companion an hate thy enemy.' But I-man tell unu, that unu might be childran fe your Faada Who are ina Heaven - love your enemies, an bless them who curse unu, an do fine fe them who hate unu, an pray becau them who persecute unu; fe HIM send forth Sun pon evil ones an pon goodly ones, an sends rain pon righteous ones an pon sinners. If unu love them who love unu what reward do unu have? How about tax collectors - wouldn't them do that? An if unu greet only your bredren what superiority do unu mek? How about sinners - wouldn't them do that? Thus like unto your Heavenly Faada were perfect - be perfect ones." SELAH.


Various - Pickout Soundclash

VP LP, 1990

A1) Ninjaman - Don Sound
A2) Tinga Stewart - Old Pan Sound
A3) Pliers - You See We
A4) Scotty - Kill Ah Sound Boy
A5) Dean Fraser - No. 1 Sound
B1) Steve Knight, Papa Beto & Japanese - Dust Dem
B2) Steve Knight - The Greatest Sound
B3) Japanese - Ruffest Sound Man
B4) Wayne Wonder & Nardo Ranks - My Sound Rule

Musicians: Steely & Clevie
Produced by: Lloyd "Pickout" Dennis
Engineered by: Mikey Riley
Recorded at: Dynamic Sounds Recording Studio


Courtney Melody - In This Town

Unknown Label Digital Release, 2013

 1) Pennsylvania
 2) Never Get Weary
 3) Clean Up Jah Earth
 4) My Desire
 5) In This Town
 6) Attracted to You
 7) Gang War
 8) Time After Time
 9) Don't Play [Ft. Menny More]
10) Say You Love Me
11) Bad Mind
12) Honeybee
13) Medley
14) Gonzales
15) Ready Love


Jah Mason - Unlimited

Reggae Vibes CD, 2003

 1) Unlimited
 2) Nah Give Up
 3) The Music
 4) Si Dem Move
 5) How Long
 6) Jacket & Tie
 7) Where Is The Love
 8) All I Can See
 9) Vegetable Time
10) E-Mail
11) No Token
12) De Youths Dem Ballin
13) No Limit


Various Artists - Raw Groove

Fashion LP, 1990

A1) Janet Davis - Pleasure
A2) Barry Boom - Just Want You To Know
A3) Zuruchi - Tossin' And Turnin'
A4) Nerious Joseph - Shinin' Star
B1) Phillip Leo - Shake It Up
B2) Winsome - Hold On
B3) Red Hot & Shako Lee - Ghetto Heaven
B4) CJ Lewis - Wine
B5) Gussie P - Gussie P Special


Frankie Paul - Rude Boy Business

Heartbeat CD, 2001

 1) Funky Love
 2) Gangster League
 3) New Year New Style
 4) Get Personal
 5) I'm Caught Up
 6) Rude Boy Business
 7) Whap Dem
 8) One Girl For Me
 9) Pretty Brown Girl
10) Call Me Your Mark
11) Right By Your Side

Produced by: Bunny Gemini
Mixed by: Hugh Palmer & Mikey Riley

Frankie Paul - Come Back Again

VP CD, 1996

 1) I Got The Vibe
 2) When I Say I Need You
 3) Can't Live With Out You
 4) Reach Out & Touch
 5) I Am Sorry
 6) Thanks & Praise
 7) Stand Up
 8) All I Need
 9) Violence & Hate
10) Cool It Down
11) Come Back Again
12) Africa Is Calling (Ft. Edi Fitzroy)

Produced by: Bobby "Digital" Dixon

V.A. - Incredible Music Allstars

Incredible Music CD, 1997

 1) Fire Facts- Judgment Day
 2) Mykal Rose - True Love
 3) Junior Delgado & Sugar Minott - Lovely Women
 4) Thriller U - Save All My Love For You
 5) Frankie Paul - Keep It Coming
 6) Jack Radics - Struggle
 7) Junior Delgado - You Make Me Wonder
 8) Yami Bolo - Fever
 9) Conrad Crystal - Ebony Eyes
10) Junior Delgado & Daddy Fredie - Party Is Fine
11) Lady P - Bring Come The Plantain


Various - Photographer In A Dance Hall

Photographer LP, 1986

A1) Admiral Tibet - Curfew
A2) Sister Verna - Island Over Populated
A3) Carl Meeks - We Need Love
A4) Daddy Lilly - Shocking Shocking
A5) Warren Hutchie - In This Time
B1) Anthony Redrose & Super Black - Six Fi Nine
B2) Super Black - Whats Going On
B3) Junior Sledge - Be My Bride
B4) Daddy Lilly - Computer Track
B5) Carl Meeks - New Slang

Produced by: George Lemon
Mixed Voices at: Channel One
Mixed by: Soljie

Various - Corner Man Presents: Reggae Vibration Vol.1

Corner Man LP, 1991

A1) Lyrical - Pon De Move
A2) Dan Icky - Crazy
A3) Nicodemus - Mass And Relax
A4) Sugar Minott - Girl A Seh One
A5) Daddy Shark - Some Man Up Abroad
A6) Robbie G - Show Mi You Company
A7) Daddy Ants - Mi A Rasta
B1) Tumpa Lion - Dem A Talk
B2) Papa Beeto - Nah Lend Out Yu Gun
B3) Steve Harper - All I Want Is You
B4) Little Lee - Boosta Head
B5) Papa San - Halla
B6) Ruddie Irie - Love Maker Girl
B7) Little Lee - River Mouth System


Various - Torture Vol.1

Becca International LP, 1992

A1) Ninjaman - Step Aside
A2) Tony Roach - Still Love You
A3) Shaggy Wonder - Blackheart Against The World
A4) Professor Frisky - Don't Worry
B1) Tony Rebel - Something Ah Go Happen
B2) President Brown - Labalaba
B3) Jim Nastics - Stamina
B4) Steely & Clevie - Version

Bunny Wailer - Struggle

Solomonic LP, 1978

A1) Moses Children
A2) Get Up, Stand Up
A3) Scheme Of Things
A4) Quit Trying
B1) Follow Fashion Monkey
B2) Wanted Children
B3) Who Feels It
B4) Johnny Too Bad

Bunny Wailer - Tribute

Solomonic LP, 1981

A1) Soul Rebel
A2) I Shot The Sheriff
A3) Crazy Bald Head
A4) Time Will Tell
B1) War
B2) Slave Driver
B3) Redemption Song
B4) No Woman No Cry

Vocals: Bunny Wailer
Drums: Sly Dunbar & Style Scott
Bass: Robbie Shakespeare & Flabba Holt
Guitar: Rad Bryan, Eric Lamont, Dwight Pickney & Sowell
Keyboards: Keith Sterling & Steelie Johnson
Horns: Dean Fraser,Nambo Robinson & Headley Benett
Percussions: Uziah Sticky Thompson & Bunny Wailer

Produced by: Bunny Wailer
Engineered by: Bunny Wailer, Maxie & David Hamilton
Recorded & Mixed at: Dynamic Sounds & Harry J


Bunny Wailer - Dance Massive

Shanachie LP, 1992

A1) Ram Dance
A2) Conscious Lyrics
A3) Girls
A4) Dance Massive
A5) Don Dadda
B1) Dance Ha Ti Gwan
B2) Raggamuffin
B3) Veteran
B4) The Specialists
B5) Still The King


Bunny Wailer - Struggle

Solomonic LP, 1978

A1) The Old Dragon
A2) Bright Soul
A3) Got To Move
B1) Power Strugglers
B2) Let The Children Dance
B3) Free Jah Children
B4) Struggle

Bunny Wailer - Rock N Groove

Solomonic LP, 1981

A1) Rock And Groove
A2) Another Dance
A3) Dance Rock
B1) Cool Runnins
B2) Roots Man Skanking
B3) Jammins
B4) Ballroom Floor


Bunny Wailer - Hook Line N Sinker

Solomonic LP, 1982

A1) Riding
A2) Hook Line N Sinker
A3) Soul Rocking Party
B1) The Monkey
B2) Swop Shop
B3) Simmer Down
B4) Back To School

Bunny Wailer - Liberation

Shanachie LP, 1988

A1) Rise And Shine
A2) Liberation
A3) Botha The Mosquito
A4) Want To Come Home
A5) Ready When You Ready
B1) Didn't You Know
B2) Dash Wey The Vial
B3) Bald Head Jesus
B4) Food
B5) Serious Thing


Bunny Wailer - Rootsman Skanking

Shanachie CD, 1987

 1) Ballroom Floor
 2) Collyman
 3) Dance Rock
 4) Gamblings
 5) Rootsman Skanking
 6) Cool Runnings
 7) Cry To Me
 8) Rock 'N Groove
 9) Another Dance
10) Jammins

Produced & Arranged by: Bunny Wailer
Engineered by: David Hamilton

Bunny Wailer - Marketplace

Solomonic LP, 1985

A1) Stay With The Reggae
A2) Jump Jump
A3) Dance Hall Music
A4) Cool And Deadly
A5) Ally Worker
B1) Dance The Night Away
B2) Electric City
B3) Tear In Your Eyes
B4) Home Sweet Home
B5) Together

Backing Vocals: Light Of Love
Bass: Robbie Shakespeare
Drums: Sly Dunbar
Guitar: Constantine Walker
Harmonica: Tyrone Downie
Horns: Dean Frazer, Junior "Chico" Chin & Nambo Robinson
Keyboards: Keith Sterling & Phillip Pearson
Percussion: Bunny Wailer & Uziah "Sticky" Thompson

Produced by: Bunny Wailer
Engineered by: David Hamilton, Chris Stanley & John Proctor
Mixed by: François Kevorkian


Horace Andy & Alpha - Two Phazed People

Don't Touch CD, 2009

 1) Storm
 2) Make My Day
 3) Empress Lady
 4) Storm-shine Mix
 5) Fire
 6) Declaration Of Rights
 7) Believers
 8) Can't Do That
 9) Two Phazed People
10) Storm-five Step Mix
11) So Unfair

Produced by: Alpha

Ninjaman - Bad Grand Dad

VP Records CD [US], 1993

 1) Left Him
 2) Bad Grand Dad
 3) The Race
 4) Woman Of Samaria
 5) The Return (Father & Son) [Feat. Ninja Ford]
 6) Disarm Them
 7) Put It Down
 8) The World
 9) Gun Boogle
10) Mate

Producer: Henry "Junjo" Lawes
Engineer: Gaylord Bravo, Rohan Richards

Backed by: Flabba Holt, Mafia & Fluxy, Steeliie & Cleevie, Tony "Home T" Anderson

Recorded at: Dynamic Studio, Jamaica.


I Roy - The Best Of I Roy

GG's LP, 1977

A1) National Cry-Sis Inna De Yard
A2) Weeping Widow
A3) Natty Dread Get Ready
A4) Friday Child
A5) Sun Top Blouse
B1) Dread Hold The Handle
B2) Blacka Cinderella
B3) Beast Game
B4) Love Is Universal
B5) Dr Feelgood Meets Ms Glover

Produced by: Alvin Ranglin

I Roy - The Lyrics Man

Music Master LP, 1989

A1) Rub A Dub A Whe She Want
A2) All Over The World
A3) Leave Daddy Roy
A4) Do Daddy Do
A5) Music In My Head
B1) Don'T Trouble The Crack
B2) Rub It On The Track
B3) Wan Fi Come In
B4) No Rob Me

Backed by: Steelie & Clievie and The Firehouse Crew

Various - Mixing Lab Showcase Vol.2

Mixing Lab LP, 199X

A1) Anthony Red Rose - Darling You
A2) Thriller U - Dont Be Cruel
A3) Courtney Melody - Billy Boy
A4) Linval Thompson - Real Loving
A5) Josey Wales Woman
B1) Johnny Clarke - Be A Better Nation
B2) Michael Rutherford - A House Is Not A Home
B3) Hopeton James - I Wish It Would Rain
B4) Ruddy Thomas - One Last Memory
B5) Tinga Stewart - Downtown Girl

Various - Scientific Master Mix Showcase Vol.1

Mixing Lab LP, 198X

A1) Slingo & General Trees - Hold On Pon Yu Lover
A2) Thriller U - Ram Dance Teacher
A3) Flourgan & Thriller U - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
A4) Flourgan & Tinga Stewart - Don't Drive Me Crazy
A5) Daddy Lizard & Red Rose - Young Gal Pickeney A Wine
B1) Johnnie Clarke - Keep On Trying
B2) Junior Brammer - Our Day Will Come
B3) Sugar Minott - Love Me With Feeling
B4) Hopeton James & Michael Rutherford - My Girl
B5) Ruddy Thomas - Tell Me