"Unu have heard that it were said - 'Love thy companion an hate thy enemy.' But I-man tell unu, that unu might be childran fe your Faada Who are ina Heaven - love your enemies, an bless them who curse unu, an do fine fe them who hate unu, an pray becau them who persecute unu; fe HIM send forth Sun pon evil ones an pon goodly ones, an sends rain pon righteous ones an pon sinners. If unu love them who love unu what reward do unu have? How about tax collectors - wouldn't them do that? An if unu greet only your bredren what superiority do unu mek? How about sinners - wouldn't them do that? Thus like unto your Heavenly Faada were perfect - be perfect ones." SELAH.


Garnett Silk - Killamanjaro Remembers

Revue CD, 1999

 1) Message (Killamanjaro Remembers Garnett Silk)
 2) Marley Medley
 3) Fight Back (with Ritchie Stephens)
 4) 3 the Hard Way (with Ritchie Stephens)
 5) Jaro Ruling (with Lickie D)
 6) One of a Kind
 7) Rub a Dub Soldier
 8) Pressure
 9) Evacuate
10) Joyful Noise
11) Rule Dem
12) Rule Dem (with Luciano)
13) Blessing
14) Blessing
15) Defeat You
16) Memories
17) Sing With Me (with Dennis Brown)
18) Complain (with Capleton)
19) Respect Jaro (with Capleton)
20) One Blood
21) Knee Shall Bow

Barrington Levy - Place Too Dark

Jah Life LP, 1997

Record date: 198X

 1) This Place Is Too Dark
 2) Call You On The Phone
 3) True I Own
 4) Roof Over My Head
 5) Walk 2000 Miles (Extended Mix)
 6) Sister Debbie
 7) Doe Rae Me
 8) My One & Only Lover
 9) It's Not Easy
10) Butterfly
11) Pon Yu Toe

Vocals: Barrington Levy
Bass: Errol Flabba Holt
Drums: Carlton Davis
Guitar: Eric Lamont
Organ: Winston Wright
Percussions: Sky Juice
Piano: Gladstone Anderson

Produced by: Hyman Wright & H. Lawes


Michael Prophet - Certify

Burning Sounds LP, 1983

A1) 2000 Years
A2) Evil Doers
A3) Certify
A4) Jah Love
B1) World Of Confusion
B2) Give I A Try
B3) It's Time
B4) Back Off
B5) Jah Jah Rain A Fall


Edi Fitzroy - Eclipse

RAS LP, 1988

 1) Shout It Loud
 2) Mr Top Rank
 3) Ghetto Vibes
 4) Poor Mans Live
 5) What A Trick
 6) Dance Hall Feel
 7) Stand On Your Feet
 8) Lonly Woman
 9) I Realy Love You
10) Hotel California

Recorded & Mixed at: Tuff Gong Recording Studio


Junior Murvin - Apartheid

Greensleeves LP, 1986

 1) Apartheid
 2) Nuclear Boom
 3) Swell-Headed Black Man
 4) Mr. Percy
 5) Too Much Division
 6) Jah Took Six Days
 7) Quick To Lick
 8) Jack Slick
 9) Handcuff
10) Third World Girls

Produced by: Prince Jammy

Best Of Pablo Moses

Blue Moon CD, 1992

 1) I Am A Rastaman
 2) The Life He Lives
 3) Play, Play, Play
 4) Tension
 5) The Spirit Of Jah
 6) Bomb The Nation
 7) Freedom For The Africans
 8) Live To Love
 9) Reggae Warrior
10) Ready, Aim, Fire
11) What's The Problem
12) Fight Back
13) Don't Force Me
14) I Want To Be With You
15) What Is It


Garnett Silk - Give I Strength

Brickwall CD, 1999

 1) Kingly Character
 2) Judge Not
 3) Rejoice In Is Name
 4) Splashing Dashing
 5) The Rod
 6) I Not For Sale
 7) Complain
 8) One Of A Kind
 9) Give I Strength
10) Don't Test
11) Say You Don't Love Me
12) All Alone
13) Hold On
14) Every Knee Shall Bow
15) Like A Mother To Me
16) Silk Chant


Sly And Robbie - Present Stepper: Takes The Taxi

MVD CD, 2013

 1) Fistful Of Horns
 2) Occupy Downtown
 3) Frenchman In Kingston
 4) Taxi To Paris
 5) Stepping Revolution
 6) Cool Ruling
 7) Taxi Tune Up
 8) Horn Of Kings
 9) Imminent Danger
10) Pimp My Cab
11) Matera Lounge

Jah Stitch - Moving Away

Live And Love LP, 1979

A1) Autrem Season
A2) Make A Joyful Noise To Jah
A3) Natty Dread Skank
A4) Dummley Shuffle
A5) Different Fashion
A6) Love & Harmony
B1) Music Hold You
B2) No Love In Community
B3) Put On You Dancing Shoe
B4) The Wisest Dread
B5) No Dog Bark
B6) Moving Away From The Rest Of The Field

Backed by: The Aggrovators
Produced by: Bunny Lee


Pablo Moses - In The Future

Alligator LP, 1983

A1) In The Future
A2) Ready, Aim, Fire
A3) Who
A4) Reggae Warrior
A5) I & I Naw Bow
B1) Subway Rider
B2) The Slayer
B3) What Is It
B4) Rhythm Track
B5) Sillie Willie

Backing vocals: Home T-4
Bass: Family Man & Lenky Francis
Drums: Mikey Boo Richards
Guitar: Don Prendes & Rudolph Bonitto
Organ: Wire Lindo
Percussions: Sticky, Scully Simms & Courtney Panton
Piano: Robert Lynn & Bobby Kalphat
Saxophone: Dean Fraser
Trombone: Nambo Robinson
Trumpet: Chico Hamilton & David Madden

Produced by: Pablo Moses
Mixed by: Geoffrey Chung, Maxie & Noel Hearne
Engineered by: Aswald "Trummy" Palmer & Errol Brown
Recorded at: Tuff Gong Studios
Mixed at: Dynamics Studio


U Brown - Mr. Brown Something

Virgin LP, 1978

A1) Turning Table
A2) Natty Dread Take
A3) Natural Sound
A4) Peace And Love
A5) Know Yourself
B1) Nattydread Upon Mountain Top
B2) Tottenham Rock
B3) Nattydread Unite
B4) Rockin Vibrations
B5) Mr Brown Something

Bass: Robert Shakespeare
Drums: Carlton 'Santa' Davis
Lead Guitar: Chinna
Rhythm Guitar: Bo Pee
Keyboards: Wire Lindo & Winston Wright
Percussion: Mr. Scully

Mixed by: Prince Jammy
Recorded at: Harry J Studios
Mixed at: King Tubby's Studios

U Brown - Black Star Liner

Virgin 12", 1978

A) Black Star Liner
B) River John Mountain

U Brown - Please Doctor

Black & White 7", 1978

A) Please Doctor
B) Doctor Skank


Michael Prophet - Jah Love

Live & Learn LP, 1983

A1) Instruction
A2) It's Time
A3) Back Off
A4) 2000 Years
B1) You Been Talking
B2) I Certify
B3) Tonight, Tonight
B4) Jah Love
B5) World Of Confusion

Scientist Meets The Pocket - Dub Wise

ITP Inc. CD, 2003

 1) Bridge
 2) Let Go Of The Ghetto
 3) Rise Up
 4) Headers
 5) Weightless Bound
 6) Satisfy My Soul
 7) Spana Bridge
 8) Spana Ghetto
 9) Spana (Instrumentel Rise Up)
10) Straight (Instrumentel Headers)
11) Satisfy My Soul (Instrumentel)

Encoded by 246 Archive.


Prince Hammer - Back For More

KSJ CD, 2005

 1) I Will
 2) Driving Me Crazy
 3) Loving You
 4) Going With The Flow
 5) Party People
 6) Beautiful
 7) Mr Best
 8) Love Take A Hold
 9) Back For More
10) Flirt
11) Pain
12) Sound Of Loving You
13) Street Talk
14) Free Spirit Of The World
15) Mr DJ
16) Stand And Deliver

Backing vocals: Barrington Stuart
Recorded at: Cultural Fusion Studio [Manchester, UK]


Mad Professor & Jah Shaka - New Decade Of Dub

Ariwa CD, 1996

 1) Ecological Dub
 2) Natural Roots
 3) One Million Man Dub
 4) Wig Wam
 5) Chanting Down The Wicked
 6) New Decade Dub
 7) Gautrey Road Style
 8) Roots Jamboree
 9) Zulu Hut
10) Morphing Dub
11) Only The God

Bass: Eddie Brown
Drums: Sinclair Seales
Guitar: Black Steel
Percussion: Drumtan Ward

Produced by: Jah Shaka & Mad Professor
Mixed by: Mad Professor
Recorded & Mixed at: Ariwa Studios

"This album is a follow-up to the in-demand 1984 album Jah Shaka Meets Mad Professor At Ariwa Sounds [Ariwa LP, 1984] released on the JAH SHAKA label (SALP84)"

Ranking Ann - A Slice Of English Toast

Ariwa LP, 1982

Record date: 1982

A1) A Slice Of English Toast
A2) Black Rock Possie
A3) Problem Lady
B1) Moonlight Lover
B2) Liberated Woman
B3) Love On A Mountain Top

Vocals: Ranking Ann
Backing vocals: Bobby Davidson, Garnett Cross, Asher,
Bass: Preacher, Deuce & Bernard Cumberbatch
Drums: Errol The General, Horsemouth Wallace & Billy Cross
Steel Drums: Tamla
Lead Guitar: Brick
Rhythm Guitar: Tony Benjamin
Percussions: Jah Shaka, Mad Professor & Tony Benjamin
Piano: Mad Professor & Garnett Cross

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Norbert Clarke - My Sound [Black Scorpio 7"]

Honey Boy ‎- In Dreamland [Taretone LP, 1981]

Honey Boy - My Desire [Diamond LP, 1983]

Bunny Lie Lie - Lonely Girl [Fameous 7", 1988]


Winston Harris - Love Is Positive //
Johnny Moore - Reggae Boyz In France [Bee's Prod. 7'']

Barry Boom - Making Love // A-Class Crew - Making Dub
[Fine Style 12'', 1989]

Clive Natural - Shine The Light

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