"Unu have heard that it were said - 'Love thy companion an hate thy enemy.' But I-man tell unu, that unu might be childran fe your Faada Who are ina Heaven - love your enemies, an bless them who curse unu, an do fine fe them who hate unu, an pray becau them who persecute unu; fe HIM send forth Sun pon evil ones an pon goodly ones, an sends rain pon righteous ones an pon sinners. If unu love them who love unu what reward do unu have? How about tax collectors - wouldn't them do that? An if unu greet only your bredren what superiority do unu mek? How about sinners - wouldn't them do that? Thus like unto your Heavenly Faada were perfect - be perfect ones." SELAH.


Ranking Joe - Dub It In A Dance

Trojan CD, 2004

 1) Clarks Booty Style
 2) Choice Of Colour
 3) Beg You To Be True
 4) Cold Blood
 5) Slackness Style
 6) Cocks Man
 7) Dub It In A Dance
 8) Mr Walker
 9) Miss Lou
10) Loving Girl
11) Wake Up Suzie
12) Romper Room
13) Music Alone Shall Live
14) Can't Understand It
15) Sensi Business

Yellowman - Under Mi Fat Thing

Arrival LP, 1984

A1) Throw Me Corn
A2) Fuss And Fight
A3) Thanks And Praise
A4) Come Mi Come
B1) Two Foot Table
B2) Under Mi Fat Thing
B3) Skank Quadrille
B4) Bubble With Me


Tapper Zukie - Peace In The Ghetto

Virgin LP, 1978

A1) Peace In The Arena
A2) The City Of Mount Zion
A3) Ghetto Rock
A4) Tribute To Steve Biko
B1) Dangerous Woman
B2) Get On The Double
B3) Praise Jah In Gladness
B4) Peace In The City
B5) Bimbo Bimbo

Half Pint - No Stress Express

Perpetual CD, 2008

 1) Unity [Feat. Jack Maness]
 2) My Best Friend's Girl
 3) Just Be Good
 4) Never Let Go
 5) Suzie
 6) Blessing Darling [Feat. Sly & Robbie]
 7) Sweet Thing
 8) Madonna
 9) Bless Us
10) Children Of His Majesty [Feat. Sly & Robbie]
11) Mind Over Matter
12) No Stress Express
13) Bad Boy [Feat. Sizzla]
14) A Girl Like You [Feat. Toko Pasi & Long Beach Dub All-Stars]
15) Babylon Release The Chain [Feat. Dollarman]
16) Just Be Good [Feat. Miki Howard] [Remix]

Requests #6:

Apache Scratchy - A Mi Apache Scratchy [Capricorn LP, 1991]
Frankie Jones - Who Nuh Hear Me Yet (Wackie's LP, 1987)
Various - Various Artists Vol.1 [Pipper Records LP]
Various - The Best Of Leggo [Déclic Sound CD, 1995]
Sammy Levi - Here I Am [Stingray CD, 1995]
Richie Davis - Love Songs [Progressive Sound LP, 1990]
Various - New Dimension Rhythm All Stars [Justice LP, 1992]
Lorna Asher - Bring Back The Love
Untouchables - Untouchables A Come [King Jam LP, 1989]
Various - Youth Promotion Come Again [Alpha Enterprise CD, 1993]
Sanchez - Brighter Day [Time One]
Louie Lepke - Mind Your Business -- Dance Down A Ochie [Clay Pot 12'', 198X]
Sugar Minott & The Crew - Christmas Jamboree [Youth Promotion LP, 1989]
Amp-Ech - Against Injustice [Not On Label LP, 1987]
Bolivar - Self Titled [Dart LP, 1975]
Big Youth & Bobo General - Mind Blowing // No To Drugs [Mr. Doo 12'']


Junior Delgado - No Baby Lion

Incredible Music CD, 2000

 1) Reaction
 2) Rastaman Trodding On Home
 3) Rasta Dreadlocks
 4) Blackman'S Heart
 5) Away With The Fussing And Fighting
 6) Jah Jah Say
 7) Rich Man Poor Man
 8) Bushmaster M16
 9) Hippo
10) Ity Tity
11) Fly Natty Natty
12) Poverty
13) Stranger
14) Loving You Girl
15) If This World Were Mine

Gregory Isaacs & Friends - We Sing Gregory

Small World, 2005

 1) Thief-A-Man - Luciano
 2) Number One - Glen Ricks
 3) Tune In - Bunny Rugs
 4) Material Man - Max Romeo
 5) Wanted - Sugar Minott
 6) Night Nurse - Horace Andy
 7) Private Secretary - George Nooks
 8) Mr. Brown - Mighty Diamonds
 9) Cool Down - Gregory Isaacs
10) Front Door - Natural Black
11) Sad To Know - Errol Dunkley
12) Permanent Lover - Anthony Ray
13) Stranger In Your Town - Shalom
14) Not The Way - Andrew Forbes
15) Objection Overruled - Don Carlos
16) Thief-A-Man - Gregory Isaacs

Bushman - Get It In Your Mind

Paraiso Prod. CD, 2008

 1) Singing My Song
 2) Radio Interlude (Feat. Richie B)
 3) Rasta Nuh Dead
 4) Source Of Life
 5) Nutten Nah Gwaan
 6) Higher
 7) Interlude
 8) Scent Of A Man
 9) Get It In YourMind
10) Buk-In-Hamm-Palace
11) Can't Get The Best Of Me
12) Born Fi Di Ting
13) Set Example
14) When You Touch Me
15) Call On Jah (Feat. Prince Jabba)


Ranking Joe - Rebel DJ

Jam Rock LP, 1982

A1) Under Accord
A2) Rebel Dj
A3) Whip Them Jah
A4) Ghetto Youth
A5) Straight To Yellowman
B1) One Draw
B2) Promises Of Comfort
B3) Mash It Up
B4) Strictly Rub-a-dub
B5) Tribute To Bob Marley

Vocals: Ranking Joe

Recorded at: Channel One (Kingston, JA) & Jamrock Recording Studios

Junior Delgado - Fearless

V2 CD, 1998

 1) Hypocrites
 2) Buffalo Soldier
 3) She's Gonna Marry Me
 4) Fussin' N Fightin'
 5) Sons Of Slaves
 6) Fearless
 7) Storm Is Coming
 8) Streets Desire
 9) Armed Robbery
10) Tichion
11) 23rd Psalm
12) Temptation
13) Hands Around The World


Tappa Zukie - Tappa Zukie International

Stars LP, 1978

A1) A Chapter A Day
A2) M.P.L.A
A3) What About The Half
A4) Chalice To Chalice
A5) Peace And Love
B1) Pick Up The Rocker
B2) Rocker
B3) Trebelation
B4) Down And Touch
B5) Punch In Piiate


Ranking Joe - Armageddon Time

Mediacom CD, 2000

Record date: 1982

 1) Armageddon
 2) Can't Stand It
 3) Everybody Bawling
 4) Skank It Over There
 5) Oh What A Night
 6) Mr. Finnigan
 7) Can't Stop Natty Dread
 8) Come Outta My Life
 9) Revival Style
10) Burial
11) Beg You To Be True
12) Choice Of Color
13) Cold Blood
14) Honda Accord
15) David & Goliath
16) Promise Pt.1
17) Promise Pt.2

Backed by: Roots Radics & The Gladiators Band

Produced by: Jah Screw & Joseph Jackson
Mixed by: Soljie, Sylvan Morris, King Tubby, Scientist & Barnabas
Engineered by: Barnabas
Recorded at: Channel One & King Tubbys
Mixed at: King Tubbys & Channel One


Batch - Who You Are

Sound VI Zion CD, 2003

 1) Lift Up
 2) Jah Fountain
 3) Unconditional
 4) Ah Rulah
 5) Green Gold
 6) Chant Dem Down
 7) Victorious [Feat. Ras-L & Nazarite]
 8) Selassie Way
 9) Jah Guide I
10) Fi Burn [Feat. Masta Chang & Shepard]
11) Focus
12) Free [Feat. Ras Attitude & Ambassada]
13) Who You Are
14) Level The Vibes


Ranking Trevor - In Fine Style

Virgin LP, 1978

Record date: 1978

A1) Masculine Gender
A2) Rub A Dub Style
A3) Original Piece
A4) Got To Keep Blow
A5) Love Life And Inity
B1) Chanting Home
B2) Ready Sister
B3) Natty And The Root Man
B4) Seven The Hard Way
B5) Tired Fe Live In A Babylon

Bass: Ranchie & Robbie Shakespeare
Drums: Sly Dunbar
Rhythm Guitar: Ranchie
Lead Guitar: Duggie
Keyboards: Touter Harvey & Ansel Collins
Percussions: Sticky

Produced by: Joseph Hoo Kim
Engineered by: Maxie, Barnabas & Ernest Hoo Kim
Recorded & Mixed at: Channel One (Kingston, JA)

Bushman - Most Wanted

Greensleeves CD, 2009

 1) Call The Hearse
 2) My Day
 3) Grow Your Natty
 4) Fire Pon A Weak Heart
 5) Downtown
 6) Fire Pon A Deadas
 7) Light It Up
 8) Cannabis
 9) Worries And Problems
10) Creatures Of The Night
11) Mek Wi Try
12) Step Pon Culture


Tapper Zukie - Earth Running

Stars LP, 1979

A1) The General
A2) War Is Over
A3) Born To Be Black
A4) Semsiellia
B1) One More Chance
B2) Raggamuffin
B3) Freak


Ranking Joe - Disco Skate

Copasetic LP, 1981

A1) Automatic System
A2) Old Friend [Feat. Matthew Lizer]
A3) Western Kingston Style
A4) Want Some Money
A5) Disco Skate
B1) All Over The World Them Love I
B2) We Have To Forward Home
B3) Jah Guide And Protect I
B4) Me Have No Luck In Gambling
B5) Cus-Cus Women

Yellowman - Jack Sprat

GG's LP, 1982

A1) Jack Sprat
A2) Youthman Promotion
A3) Life In The Ghetto
A4) Stand Up For Your Rights
A5) 2 To 6 Super Mix
B1) Honour Your Mother
B2) Why Them Fight
B3) Hotter Reggae
B4) Fe Me Paulett


Half Pint - Classics

Hightone LP, 1994

A1) Hold On
A2) Days I Can't Forget
A3) Freedom Fighter
A4) Tell Me
A5) Winsome
A6) Have A Little Faith
B1) Officer
B2) Come To Pass
B3) Don't Let It Fade Away
B4) Sally
B5) Don't Try To Use Me
B6) Crazy Girl


Tapper Zukie - Raggy Joey Boy

Kingston Sounds LP, 1982

A1) Woman Ah No Me Trouble
A2) Raggy Joey Boy
A3) Natty Princess
A4) Jailhouse Rock
B1) Manners & Respect
B2) Believe Me Baby
B3) Reggae
B4) Mr. Bubbler
B5) Mr. Finnigan


Ranking Joe - Weakheart Fadeaway

Greensleeves LP, 1978

A1) Dub Sister Dub
A2) Rock Pon The Rock
A3) A Dread Earthquake
A4) Natty Dread A Trademan
A5) Nine Months Belly
B1) Weakheart Fadeaway
B2) Natty The Collie Smoker
B3) Queen Tell
B4) Honest Living
B5) Milkman Coming

Bushman - Total Commitment

Greensleeves CD, 1999

 1) Worries And Problems
 2) Fire Bun A Weak Heart
 3) Afraid Of Commitment
 4) Mr. Guns
 5) Give Jah The Praise
 6) Hard Time
 7) Terribla Ina Di Giddeon
 8) Live Your Life Right
 9) Works To Do
10) Can't Please You
11) Send Dem Come (Featuring I Lue)
12) Babylon Dead
13) Take It Easy


King Kong - Rumble Jumble Life

Massive B CD

 1) Rumble Jumble
 2) I Feel A Joy
 3) Troubles
 4) Earth Is The Lord
 5) Ethiopia
 6) Call Mr. Madden
 7) Unity
 8) Free Speech
 9) Legalize It
10) Jahs My Best Friend

Colour Man - Kick Up Rumpus

Creation LP, 1986

 1) Watch The Jeep
 2) Comeing From Dance
 3) Cala Bash Style
 4) Kick Up Rumpus
 5) Dirty Ways Gal
 6) A Ramshouse Business
 7) Vibez Up A Sound
 8) Plain Truth Lyric
 9) Wicked Dem Wicked
10) Darknes Cover The World

Bass: Daniel Thompson
Drums: Rangutan
Lead Guitar: D. Pickney
Rhythm Guitar: Lacelles Beckford
Percussion: Skully
Piano: G. Anderson, Red Fox

Produced by: Cashima 'Dave' Steele
Engineered by: Bunny Tom Tom, Chemist
Recorded at: Mountain Music & Channel One


Ranking Trevor & Trinity - Three Piece Chicken & Chips [One For One]

Cha Cha LP, 1978

Record date: 1978

 1) Antie Lulu
 2) No Galfriend
 3) Lord Of Hosts
 4) African King
 5) Answer Me Question
 6) All Gone
 7) Three Piece Chicken And Chips
 8) Judgment Day
 9) Love Your Sister
10) That's Life

Vocals: Ranking Trevor & Trinity
Bass: Ranchie & Robbie Shakespeare
Drums: Sly Dunbar
Rhythm Guitar: Rad Bryan
Lead Guitar: Rad Bryan & Ranchie
Organ: Ansel Collins
Percussions: Barnabas & Sticky


Half Pint - In Fine Style

Sunset LP, 1984

A1) Look Before You Walk
A2) Don't Try To Use Me
A3) Winsome
A4) Have A Little Faith
B1) Political Fiction
B2) Officer
B3) No Complain
B4) Dance Hall Vibes


Ranking Trevor - Presenting Ranking Trevor

Black Roots LP, 1981

Record date: 1981

A1) Fish Filet // Fish Man Dub [Ft. The Revolutionaries]
A2) Rope In Sister Jean // Rope In Dub [Ft. The Revolutionaries]
A3) Hold Fast // Hold Dubwise [Ft. Ital Groove]
B1) Spanish River // River Bank Dub [Ft. Black Roots Players]
B2) Youth In A Posse // Mad Posse [Ft. Black Roots Players]
B3) Working // Working Dub [Ft. Ital Groove]

Backing Band: The Black Roots Players & The Revolutionaries
Bass: Robbie Shakespeare
Drums: Sly Dunbar

Producer: Sugar Minott
Mixing Engineer: Peter Chemist


V.A. - Steely & Clevie Present Hardcore

Steely & Clevie CD, 1993

 1) Dirtsman - June Fifth
 2) Powerman - Pretty Girls
 3) Captain Barkey - Dippy
 4) Simpleton - Matey Can't Test
 5) Frankie Sly - 20 Grand
 6) Spragga Benz - Girls Hooray
 7) General Degree - Dweet Sweet
 8) U Sue - 10%
 9) Don Yute - Hardcore
10) Supervisor - Roundness
11) Steely & Clevie - Version

Produced by: Steely & Clevie

V.A. - Steely & Clevie: Digital Revolution

VP CD, 2010

 1) Lady G & Sugar Minott - Whole Heap A Man
 2) Foxy Brown - Sorry
 3) Tiger Ram - Dance Hall
 4) Gregory Peck - Oversized Mampie
 5) Foxy Brown - Fast Car
 6) Anthony Malvo & Daddy Lizard - Take You To The Dance
 7) Chevelle Franklyn - No One In The World
 8) Ninjaman - Hortical Don
 9) Wayne Wonder - Still Say Yes
10) Singing Melody - Shower With Your Love
11) Frankie Paul - Cassandra
12) Ninjaman - Murder Dem
13) Cutty Ranks - Retreat
14) Gregory Peck - Poco Man Jam
15) Reggie Stepper - Drum Pan Sound
16) Shabba Ranks - Caan Dun
17) Cocoa Tea - Sonia Come Back
18) Freddie McGregor - Loving Pauper
19) Chevelle Franklyn - Good Love
20) Leroy Sibbles - Fatty Fatty
21) Garnett Silk - All The Woman I Need

 1) Shabba Ranks - Trailer Load A Girls
 2) Tiger - When
 3) Baby Wayne - Mama
 4) Shabba Ranks - Ting A Ling
 5) Poison Chang - Press Up
 6) Beres Hammond - Double Trouble
 7) Cobra - Shot A Talk
 8) Junior Tucker - Love Of A Lifetime
 9) Garnett Silk - Love Is The Answer
10) Dawn Penn - You Don't Love Me (No No No)
11) Wayne Wonder - Baby You & I
12) Buju Banton - It's All Over
13) General Degree - When I Hold You Tonight
14) Bushman - Call The Hearse
15) Harry Toddler - Pure Gal
16) Beenie Man - Battery Dolly
17) Sean Paul - Haffi Get Da Gal Yah (Hot Gal Today)
18) Lexxus - Cook
19) Mr. G - Old Crook
20) Sean Paul & Sasha - I'm Still In Love With You
21) Assassin - As A Man


Mikey Dread Feat. Roots Radics - Dub Catalogue

DATC LP, 1982

 1) Demo Dub
 2) Raving Style
 3) Dub Addict
 4) Stereo Dub
 5) Brain Wave
 6) Front Room Dub
 7) Two Track Dub
 8) Control Tower Dub
 9) Reflexion Dub
10) Dreadlocks Dub
11) Queens Dub