"Unu have heard that it were said - 'Love thy companion an hate thy enemy.' But I-man tell unu, that unu might be childran fe your Faada Who are ina Heaven - love your enemies, an bless them who curse unu, an do fine fe them who hate unu, an pray becau them who persecute unu; fe HIM send forth Sun pon evil ones an pon goodly ones, an sends rain pon righteous ones an pon sinners. If unu love them who love unu what reward do unu have? How about tax collectors - wouldn't them do that? An if unu greet only your bredren what superiority do unu mek? How about sinners - wouldn't them do that? Thus like unto your Heavenly Faada were perfect - be perfect ones." SELAH.


Various - Mau Mau Jungle

Sky High LP, 1991

A1) Sky High & Mau Mau & Music G - What Kind Of World
A2) Candyman - The Lion Wake Tonight
A3) Tony Rebel - Firing Long
A4) Cobra - Crucification
A5) Sky High & Mau Mau - Another Day Come
B1) Flabba Holt - Suffering
B2) Junior Echo - Bet Bust
B3) One Pint - Calling
B4) Jahmai - Settle Vibes
B5) Sky High & Mau Mau - Love Rastafari
B6) O Freedom - Kushite Music & Sky High

Various - Shocking Vibes Presents: Mad Them

Shocking Vibes LP, 1991

 1) Little Lenny - Hunk A Meat
 2) Muma Nancy - Muma Is Coming
 3) Ghost & Culture - Commercial Time
 4) Mikie Crucial - Colour Of Love
 5) Buju Banton - Big Batty Gal
 6) Johnny P - Mad Them
 7) Ghost - Soul Provider
 8) Angie Angel - Want Di Agony
 9) Christie - Because Of You
10) Lady P - Car Front

Produced by: Patrick Roberts

Rhythm Track: Mud Up


Peter Metro - The DJ Don

Black Solidarity LP, 1986

Record date: 1985

A1) Frontline
A2) The Don
A3) Hi Jack
A4) Dance In A Africa
B1) Seven Jamaican Heroes
B2) Join The Army
B3) Visit Of Michael Jackson
B4) Experience

Produced by: Phillip Morgan & Ossie Thomas
Recorded & Mixed at: Tuff Gong (Kingston, JA)

Peter Metro - No Problem

Power House LP, 1985

A1) No Problem
A2) Green Card
A3) Yes Daddy
A4) Rock Yu Body
B1) Can Tan Ya So
B2) Ge We De Koole
B3) Better She Gwan
B4) Mock Selassie

Backed by: Sly & Robbie
Produced by: George Phang
Mixed by: Michael Riley
Recorded & Mixed at: Dynamic Sounds

Peter Metro - Dedicated To You

CSA LP, 1984

A1) To You
A2) Lord Ho
A3) Vegetable Dish
A4) Seems To Me
A5) Rock Her
B1) Want Some Money
B2) Mi Queen
B3) Bossanova [Ft. Lady Anne]
B4) Love Letter
B5) Warn Them [Ft. Squiddle Ranking]
B6) The Girl Is Mine [Ft. Yellowman]

Drums: Sly Dunbar
Bass: Robbie Shakespeare
Rhythm Guitar: Willie Lindo
Lead Guitar: Dwight Pickney
Piano: Robert Lynn
Organ: Steely
Horns: Dean Frazer, Chico Hamilton, Nambo Robinson & David Madden

Produced by: Clive Jarrett & Bebo Phillips
Engineered by: Soljie Hamilton & Peter Chemist
Mixed by: Soljie Hamilton & Peter Chemist
Recorded at: Channel One (Kingston, JA)

Peter Metro, Captain Sinbad & Little John - Sinbad & The Metric System

CSA LP, 1983

A1) Peter Metro - Get On Down
A2) Peter Metro - Metric System
A3) Peter Metro - This Old Man
A4) Peter Metro - Water Jelly
B1) Captain Sinbad - Big Sound
B2) Captain Sinbad & Little John - Ina This
B3) Captain Sinbad & Little John - Sammy Dread
B4) Captain Sinbad - Rub A Dub Sound
B5) Captain Sinbad & Little John - Saturday Night At The Movies

Backing Band: The High Times Band
Drums: Santa Davis
Bass: Chris Stanley
Lead Guitar: Willie Lindo
Rhythm Guitar: Bo-Peep Bowen
Organ: Robert Lynn
Piano: Keith Sterling
Horns: Dean Fraser & Nambo Robinson
Percussions: Sky Juice

Produced by: Henry Junjo Lawes
Engineered by: Ruddy Thomas
Recorded at: Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA)


Derrick Irie - Me Want A Lady

World Enterprise LP, 1988

A1) Get Up And Run
A2) Girl Wha You Get Out A Man
A3) Me Want Lady
A4) Girl You Mash Up
A5) Nuff Loving In A Me
B1) Cry For The Girl
B2) Come We Go So
B3) Got To Have Somethng
B4) We Want Money
B5) She Gone

Produced by: Bunny Lee

Clement Irie, Derrick Irie & Penny Irie - Clash Of The Iries

Black Scorpio LP, 1992

A1) Penny Irie - Go Look The Man
A2) Derrick Irie - Way Pasty Live
A3) Clement Irie - Tell Me
A4) Penny Irie - Nuh Want No Stone
A5) Derrick Irie - Money & The Buddy
A6) Clement Irie - She Broke Mi Heart
B1) Penny Irie - Boom Sound
B2) Derrick Irie - Fat Till She Buff
B3) Clement Irie - Dance Hall Fever
B4) Penny Irie - Cook Food
B5) Derrick Irie - Watchings
B6) Clement Irie - Love In The Morning

Produced by: Jah Thomas & Sharon Lawrence

Clement Irie - Follow Me

Blue Mountain LP, 1989

A1) Follow Me
A2) Crack A La
A3) School Days
A4) Spelling Styley
A5) Move Up
B1) Clement Pon The Mike
B2) Bun & Cheese
B3) Fresh & Young
B4) Suzie
B5) Dun Mi Money


Tonto Irie - Jammy's Posse

Jammy's LP, 1985

A1) Jammy's Posse
A2) Wrap Up Mix Up
A3) General A General
A4) Ram Up Every Corner
A5) Murder Commit
A6) Respect Due
A7) Experience
A8) Jucky Jam
B1) Professional
B2) Western Style
B3) It A Ring
B4) Every Posse Get Ready
B5) World Best Lover
B6) Life Story
B7) Mi Lover
B8) Girlie Girlie

Backing Band: Hi-Times Band, Noel Davey, Roots Radics, Steely & Clevie

Engineered by: King Jammy & Squeengine Francis
Produced & Arranged by: King Jammy

Recorded at: Channel One & King Jammy's Recording Studio.
Mixed at: King Jammy's Recording Studio


Chaka Demus - The Original Chaka

Witty LP, 1989

A1) Cultural Roll Call
A2) Shock Out
A3) No To Drugs
A4) Holy Book
A5) Come Original
B1) Reality
B2) Experience Kuff
B3) Wine Yu Body
B4) Cash And Delivery
B5) Poor People A Holla

Music by: The Firehouse Crew, Steelie & Clievie
Produced by: Norman Batchelor Wilson & Whitfield Wiitie Henry

Beenie Man & Bounty Killer - Face To Face

VP CD, 1994

 1) Bounty Killer - Not Another Word
 2) Bounty Killer - Them No Have No Heart
 3) Bounty Killer - Kill Or Be Killed
 4) Bounty Killer - Deadly Medley
 5) Bounty Killer - Statement
 6) Bounty Killer - Drama
 7) Beenie Man - Mobster
 8) Beenie Man - It's A Wonder with Risto Benji
 9) Beenie Man - Foreing Minded
10) Beenie Man - Face A Gwaan Well
12) Beenie Man - Part A The Plan

Admiral Tibet & Thriller U - Two Good To Be True

Digital-B LP, 1989

A1) Thriller U - Close The Door
A2) Thriller U - I Think It's Love
A3) Thriller U - Starting All Over Again
A4) Thriller U - Baby I Love You
A5) Thriller U - Sweetest Sound
B1) Admiral Tibet - Don't Come Love Me
B2) Admiral Tibet - Feel The Pain
B3) Admiral Tibet - Wrong Place
B4) Admiral Tibet - In The Ghetto
B5) Admiral Tibet - Oh My Lady

Produced by: Bobby Dixon


Various - El Paso: All Star Line-Up

Roof Int. LP, 1993

A1) Simple Simon - El Paso
A2) Anthony Blackwood - Slice Of The Cake
A3) Barrington Turner - After Missing You
A4) Kristal D - Innocent Man
A5) Cornell Campbell - Dread & Dread
B1) President Brown - Sweet & Sour
B2) Professor Frisky - Mi A Cool
B3) Shaggy Wonder - Kill Obeah Man
B4) Super Norris - Sheri Ann
B5) John Junior - Getting Higher


Various - Trailer Load Ah Lyrics Vol.1

Midnight Rock LP

A1) Johnny Osbourne - Never Ending Love Medley
A2) Jah Thomas - Look Good Time
A3) Junior Moore - Kill Mi Wid Love
A4) Johnny P & Echo Minott - When A Man Love
A5) O.A. Thomas - Fade Away Love
B1) Lady Ann - Man Wey Mi Have
B2) Phillip Frazer - A Medley Of Songs
B3) Derrick Irie - Them A Look Fi Mi
B4) Screechy Joe - Mumma Quen Quen
B5) Joe Lick Shot - Crazy Version


Chaka Demus - Reggae Dancehall Sensation

Rohit LP

1) Back Out
2) Bad Bad Chaka
3) Ruffer Then Ruff
4) Ital Man
5) Shout It Out
6) Learn A Trade
7) Original Kuff
8) Mr. Demus
9) I Need A Roof

Chaka Demus & Pliers - Ruff This Year

VP LP, 1993

A1) Chaka Demus & Pliers - Ruff This Year
A2) Chaka Demus & Pliers - No Contest
A3) Chaka Demus - Medley
A4) Chaka Demus - Don't Test Me
A5) Chaka Demus & Pliers - Champion Bubbler
B1) Chaka Demus & Pliers - Pitta Patta
B2) Chaka Demus & Pliers - Temperature Is Rising
B3) Chaka Demus & Pliers - Sunshine Love
B4) Pliers - Smile For Me
B5) Pliers - Only Lover

Backed by: Sly, Robbie, Gitsy, Herbie Harris & Owen Rennalls

Produced by: Blackbeard Sinclair
Recorded at: Megabyte & Sonic Sounds
Mixed at: Megabyte & Sonic Sounds
Engineered by: Jason Lee, Sly, Gitsy, Trevor Baillie & Owen Rennalls


Wayne Wonder & Sanchez - Part 1

Penthouse/Jet Star/VP LP, 1990

1) Sanchez - Love Is The Power
2) Sanchez - The Past
3) Sanchez - Tears
4) Sanchez - One In A Million
5) Wayne Wonder - Fast Car
6) Wayne Wonder - Waiting For You
7) Wayne Wonder - It Hurts
8) Wayne Wonder - Long & Lasting Love
9) Wayne Wonder - Anything For You


Sanchez - Now & Forever

VP CD, 2010

 1) Won't Surrender
 2) Who Am I Without You
 3) Longing To Come Home
 4) I'm For Real
 5) Feel Good All Over
 6) My Everything
 7) Bet Any Amount
 8) Now And Forever
 9) Extraordinary
10) Release That Property
11) When Someone Says I Love You
12) Don't Fall For It
13) I Can Feel It
14) Enjoy Life

Produced by: Donovan Germain

Sanchez - Stays On My Mind

VP CD, 2002

 1) Chemistry
 2) Love We Had Stays On My Mind
 3) Sha-La-La
 4) Frenzy
 5) How Could You
 6) The Way Life Is
 7) Groovin Out On Life
 8) You Got It Bad
 9) Blaze A Cup
10) Just Can't Stand The Pain
11) I'll Be There For You
12) Winter World Of Love
13) Honor Creation
14) You Want To Know
15) Incomplete
16) Love
17) Discipline Child

Sanchez - I Can't Wait

Jet Star CD, 1991

 1) I Can't Wait
 2) Pretty Looks
 3) Don't Say It's Over
 4) Give It A Chance
 5) Rough Neck Sound
 6) Give Into The Feeling
 7) Won't Last A Day
 8) Who Cares
 9) Ask Her
10) True Believer
11) Family Affair
12) Accapella (Give It A Chance)

Produced by: Bobby Dixon


Mikey Space - My Way

Jet Star CD, 2003

 1) I'm Coming Home
 2) Do You Wanna Stay
 3) Never Get Me Down
 4) Where Is The Love
 5) Need To Know (Remix) [Ft. Don Campbell]
 6) Jah Will Send Rain
 7) Keep Jah Close
 8) It's All In The Game
 9) Party Song
10) Everybody Something
11) Understanding
12) Never Say Never
13) Victim
14) Never Never
15) Count Your Blessing
16) Love Won't Let Me Wait
17) Need To Know (Original Mix) [Ft. Don Campbell]


Leroy Smart - Everytime!

RAS CD, 1994

 1) Do Good, Be Blessed
 2) Sweet Lady (with Terry Ganzie)
 3) My Heart Is Aching
 4) Bad Boy Learn
 5) Nothing Unnecessary
 6) Mr. Lover Man (with Ninja Kid & General B)
 7) Woman A You Yard
 8) Mommy It Happen Already
 9) Champion Sound
10) Gangster
11) Seek God First
12) Am So True
13) Heartically

Produced by: Leroy Smart
Recorded at: Chris Meredith Studio, Leggo, Mixing Lab, Black Scorpio & Sir Jammy's


Pinchers & Pliers - Pinchers With Pliers

Black Scorpio LP, 1988

A1) Pinchers - The Sun Is Shining In My Life
A2) Pinchers - Increase Your Knowledge
A3) Pinchers - Crazy
A4) Pinchers - Here I Come Again
A5) Pinchers - Rise And Fall
B1) Pliers - Sweet Sweet
B2) Pliers - Who's There?
B3) Pliers - Whisper In The Dark
B4) Pliers - Love Up Mi Bonify
B5) Pliers - Bias Them Bias

Various - Shadow Meets Nanny Goat

VP LP, 1992

A1) Chakademus & Pliers - Ruff This Year
A2) Jr. Osbourne - Nah Flex Right
A3) Fragga Ranks & Red Rose - One More Dead
A4) Daddy Woody - Big baby
A5) Skullman - Girl Hawk
B1) Mumma Nancy - Lyrics Inna Me
B2) Brent Dowe - I Want Your Love
B3) Candy Man - I'm Not Leaving
B4) Linval Thompson - Ghetto Girl
B5) Mackie Ranks - Acre Of Land

Backed by: Sly & Robbie, Herbie & Gitzy
Produced by: Blackbeard