"Unu have heard that it were said - 'Love thy companion an hate thy enemy.' But I-man tell unu, that unu might be childran fe your Faada Who are ina Heaven - love your enemies, an bless them who curse unu, an do fine fe them who hate unu, an pray becau them who persecute unu; fe HIM send forth Sun pon evil ones an pon goodly ones, an sends rain pon righteous ones an pon sinners. If unu love them who love unu what reward do unu have? How about tax collectors - wouldn't them do that? An if unu greet only your bredren what superiority do unu mek? How about sinners - wouldn't them do that? Thus like unto your Heavenly Faada were perfect - be perfect ones." SELAH.


Dean Fraser - Collector's Series

Penthouse CD, 1997

 1) Return Your Love
 2) Three Blind Mice
 3) Untold Stories
 4) Just Don't Wanna Be Lonely
 5) Live On
 6) Nanny Goat
 7) Fire Burning
 8) Tempted To Touch
 9) Movie Star
10) I'm Just A Guy
11) Aribella
12) Ali Baba
13) Revolution
14) Rope In
15) One Dance
16) Stand By Me
17) Real Rock
18) What Does It Take
19) Dirty Harry
20) Words
21) Dance With You
22) Rock Hall
23) General
24) 23rd Psalm

Backed by: Sly & Robbie, Dean Fraser, Mafia & Fluxy, Steelie & Cleevie, Franklyn Waugh, Leroy Sibbles, Dalton Browne, Nambo Robinson, Chico, David Madden, Donald Dennis, Paul Crosdale, Steven Marsden

Produced by: Donovan Germain

Dennis Brown - Blazing!

Greensleeves LP, 1992

A1) Moving On
A2) Here We Go Again
A3) My Heart Cries For You
A4) Fever [Ft. Shabba Ranks]
A5) Moonlight
B1) Your Mamma
B2) Not Another Minute
B3) Hello
B4) Never Gonna Give You Up
B5) Those Lies

Backing Vocals: Brian & Tony Gold, Chevelle Franklyn, Howard Christian, Peter Mann & Leroy 'Barbie' Romans
Bass: Mikey Fletcher, Steely Johnson, Home T, Sheldon Bernard, Mikey Bennett & Danny Brown
Guitar: Cat Coore
Keyboards: Sheldon Bernard, Mikey Bennett, Handel Tucker, Tyrone Downie & Leroy 'Barbie' Romans
Drum Programming: Clevie Browne, Dave Fluxy, Derek Barnett, Michael Spence & Danny Brown

Produced by: Mikey Bennett & Patrick Lindsey
Mixed by: Soljie, Sly Gordon & Zeli
Recorded & Mixed at: Music Works & Black Scorpio Studios
Mastered at: The Town House, London


Chaka Demus - Penthouse Flashback Series

Penthouse, 2013

 1) Nobody's Business
 2) Message of Joy
 3) Get Up Stand Up
 4) Property
 5) Gal Pickney Nice
 6) Chaka On the Move
 7) Number One
 8) Jam Down Life
 9) Physical
10) Bubble
11) Bring It To Me
12) Veteran Jockey
13) Young Gal Business
14) Miss Fine
15) Workie Workie

Captain Sinbad - Again

Oak Sounds LP, 1983

Record date: 198X

A1) King Of The Road
A2) Version
A3) Electric Boogie
A4) Version
A5) Hotter Reggae Music
A6) Version
B1) Bring Back Your Loving
B2) Sister Myrtle
B3) Version
B4) Top Of The Pops
B5) Version
B6) Who She

Produced by: Joe Darkings, Lewin Locke & Carl Dwyer
Mixed by: David Kenny & Captain Sinbad
Recorded at: Channel One, Joe Gibbs & IPS

Captain Sinbad - Reggae Music Will Mad Unu! (Deluxe Edition)

Maximum Sound, 2014

 1) Where The Rub A Dub Live
 2) Rub A Dub Live
 3) Dutty Tuff
 4) Dutty Filta Dub
 5) Do You Rememba Dub
 6) In Concert
 7) Dub In Concert
 8) Music Will Mad Unu
 9) Dub Will Mad Unu
10) Ganja Chemist
11) Chemical Dub
12) Capital Offence
13) Rude Bwoy Be Nice Dub
14) World Wide Rebellion
15) Skateland Sax

Backed by: Dean Fraser, Robert Lee, Sly & Robbie, The Maximum Sound Crew

Produced by: Frenchie


Carlene Davis - Songs Of Bob Marley

VP/EKO CD, 1993

 1) Satisfy My Soul
 2) Running Away
 3) Three Little Birds
 4) Time Will Tell
 5) Talking Blues
 6) Love & Affection
 7) So Much Trouble
 8) Waiting In Vain
 9) One Drop
10) Soul Rebel
11) Redemption Song

Backing vocals: Leba Hibbert-Thomas
Bass: Benjamin "Benji" Myers & James "Jimmy" Peart
Drums: Desmond "Desi" Jones & Paul Kastick
Lead Guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith, Raymond "Ray" Hitchins
Rhythm Guitar: Dalton Browne & Chinna
Keyboards: Benji & Jimmy
Percussion: Harry "T" Powell

Produced by: Desi Jones, James Peart & Tommy Cowan

V.A. - Top Ranking DJ Session Vol.II

Joe Gibbs LP, 1980

A1) Jah Thomas - Come Fi Si Yu Daughter
A2) U Brown - Gau'wn A School
A3) Clint Eastwood - One Fi The Money
A4) Nicodemus - Jah Jah Train
A5) Dillinger - Kublicon
B1) Lui Lepki - My Wife
B2) Lee Van Cliff - Beverley How You Love Me
B3) Weedy Dread - Girls Of Today
B4) Trinity - Bad Card
B5) I Roy - Set Me Free

V.A. - Top Ranking DJ Session

Joe Gibbs LP, 1979

A1) Trinity - Top Ranking
A2) I Roy - Trust No Shadow After Dark
A3) Trinity - Commercial Business
A4) Big Youth - George Foreman
A5) U Roy - Freedom Train
B1) Big Youth - Equal Right
B2) Big Youth - Big Fast Car
B3) Shortie - Natty Pass His Gce
B4) Lizzy - Aquarius
B5) Lizzy - Wear You To The Ball


Power House Presents: Tenor Saw & Nitty Gritty

Power House LP, 1984

A1) Tenor Saw - Upon The Roof
A2) Tenor Saw - A House Is Not A Home
A3) Tenor Saw - Roll Call
A4) Tenor Saw - If You Only Know
B1) Nitty Gritty - Drape Her Up
B2) Nitty Gritty - One Auntie Lu Lu
B3) Nitty Gritty - Everything You Try
B4) Nitty Gritty - She's A Delilah
B5) (Unlisted) - Delilah Version

Backing Band: Sly & Robbie, The Taxi Gang

Produced by: George Phang
Recorded at: Dynamic Sounds Studios
Mixed at: Mixing Lab Studio

Mutabaruka - Life And Lessons

Melody Muzik CD, 2012

 1) The Beginning, The End, The Beginning
 2) Would You
 3) Life And Lessons (Marcus Garvey Speaks)
 4) Sitting In My Hotel Room
 5) A Girl Called Johannesburg
 6) Woman Of Life
 7) My Revolution
 8) History
 9) Watch It
10) Body Count
11) Lucky (A Tribute To Lucky Dube)
12) The Same Old Story (Keeps On Repeating)
13) Mr. And Mrs. Tecki Tecki
14) Would You (Dub)
15) Lucky (Dub)


Foxy Brown - Foxy

RAS CD, 1989

 1) Sorry
 2) All My Love
 3) Baby It's You
 4) Fast Car
 5) Try
 6) Guiding star
 7) Shower Me With
 8) Virginia Jail
 9) Let's Celebrate
10) Thousand Kisses

By Bro. Mazter9 Many Thx!

Rudy Lee - Get Wise

TDL LP, 1991

 1) Forward
 2) Jump & Spread Out
 3) Poll Taxation
 4) Almost Lost Your love
 5) Best Love
 6) Back Weh Sound Bwoy
 7) Get Wise
 8) Snow Blind
 9) Live Good
10) Dance The Night Away
11) The One For Me

By Bro. Mazter9 Many Thx!

I-Roy - Original Deejay @ King Tubby's Studio

Attack CD, 2008

 1) Black Is My Colour
 2) Hypocrites
 3) Cow Town Skank
 4) Alright Alright
 5) Satta
 6) African Roots
 7) Acting Strange
 8) The Duke
 9) It A Go Dread
10) Roots Man Time
11) Come Down Deh
12) Musical Explosion
13) Beautiful Africa
14) Set Up Yourself
15) Rockers Time
16) Too Much Sorrow
17) Don't Touch I Dread
18) Pity The Children

Produced by: Bunny Lee


John Wayne - Boogie Down

Vista LP, 1983

A1) Jailhouse
A2) Heavy Rhythm
A3) African Princess
A4) Bend Your Back
A5) Boogie Down
B1) Bubble With Me
B2) You Too Greedy
B3) Go John Wayne Go
B4) Murder Style
B5) I Me Deep

Producer: Bunny Lee


V.A. - Rub-A-Dub Soldiers

Makasound CD, 2007

 1) Toyan - Posse Ready
 2) Captain Sinbad - Eyes Of The Tiger
 3) Lui Lepkie - Positive Conversation
 4) Ranking Joe - Shepard's Bush
 5) Little John & Billy Boyo - Bushman Connection
 6) Lee Van Cliff - Water Gone
 7) Brigader Jerry - Roots Man Skank
 8) Nicodemus - Five A Dem Trax
 9) Yellowman & Fathead - Operation Eradication
10) Lui Lepkie - Walter Rodney
11) Nicodemus - Bone Connection
12) Trinity - Safe Sail
13) Ranking Joe - River Jordan
14) Toyan - Hot Reggae Music
15) Nicodemus - Nicko Dread
16) U Brown - Strictly Reggae Music
17) Brigader Jerry - Fight For Your Rights

Backed by: The Roots Radics

Produced by: Linval Thompson, Junjo Lawes, Iliawi & Toyan
Mixed by: Scientist & Soljie
Recorded at: Channel One


Glen Washington - Time Of My Life

Love Injection Prod. CD, 2017

 1) Lady Love
 2) Writing On The Wall
 3) The Love Of God
 4) Time Of My Life
 5) Rastafari Taught Me
 6) Love Is My Order
 7) Do You Love Me
 8) Only For You
 9) Hold My Hand
10) Where Will You Go
11) My Father's Will
12) Love Around

V.A. - Whole New Generation Of DJ

Greensleeves LP, 1981

A1) Clint Eastwood & General Saint - What About Right Oink!
A2) Errol Shorter - Push Baby Push
A3) Captain Sinbad - Man Live It
A4) Ranking Dread - Jean Green
A5) Glen Mundy - Gow
B1) Toyan - Special Request To All Isle Vendor
B2) Papa Tullo - Girls Of Today
B3) Jah Mikes - Can't Take The Running
B4) Nicker Smart - Qualified Girls
B5) Lincoln Sinbad - Better Your Life

Backed by: The Roots Radics
Produced by: Henry Junjo Lawes
Mixed by: Barnabas & Scientist
Recorded at: Channel One (Kingston, JA)

Requests #2:

Pinchers Meets Sanchez [Extermitator LP, 1989]

Various - Digital-B Selections Vol. 2

Norbert Clarke - My Sound [Black Scorpio 7"]

Honey Boy ‎- In Dreamland [Taretone LP, 1981]

Honey Boy - My Desire [Diamond LP, 1983]

Bunny Lie Lie - Lonely Girl [Fameous 7", 1988]


Winston Harris - Love Is Positive //
Johnny Moore - Reggae Boyz In France [Bee's Prod. 7'']

Barry Boom - Making Love // A-Class Crew - Making Dub
[Fine Style 12'', 1989]

Clive Natural - Shine The Light

Jonah Dan + Alpha & Omega - Spirit Of The Ancients Pt.2

Gregory Isaacs - Not Because [Kings Records]

Gregory Isaacs - Reggae Heights [Mafia & Fluxy CD]

Arkology ‎- The Blueprint Dubs, 1995

Mafia & Fluxy & Gussie P - Oriental Dub Vol.3
[River Bank LP]



V.A. - Crucial Reggae: Driven By Sly & Robbie

Island LP, 1982

A1) Errol "Flabba" Holt - Danger Zone
A2) The Rolands - Johnny Dollar
A3) Derrick Lara - Peek A Boo
A4) Bobby Floyd - Love Without Feeling
A5) Carlton Livingstone - Chalice In Hand
A6) Junior Tamlins - Real Love
B1) The Mighty Diamonds - Pass The Kouchie
B2) Dennis Brown - Hold On To What You Got
B3) Jimmy Riley - Sexual Healing
B4) Sly Dunbar - Umetered Taxi
B5) George Nooks - We're In This Love Together
B6) Yellowman - Soldier Take Over

Produced by: Augustus "Gussie" Clarke (track: B1), Big Tanka (tracks: A2 , B6), Donovan Germain (tracks: B5), Sly & Robbie (tracks: A1, A3 to A6, B2 to B4)


Yellowman - Total Recall Vol.3

VP CD, 1992

 1) Ram Jam Master
 2) Zunguzung
 3) I'm Getting Married
 4) Mad Over Me
 5) Mr. Chin
 6) Rub And Go Down
 7) Shorties
 8) Operation Radication
 9) Body Move
10) I'm Getting Divorced
11) Duppy Or Gunman
12) Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
13) Bim And Bam
14) Bunn The Kouchie

Lukie D - Center Of Attraction

VP CD, 1996

 1) I Don't Wanna Cry
 2) Center Of Attraction
 3) Got To Be There
 4) Lay It On Me
 5) Let There Be Praise
 6) I Love U Babe
 7) Tonight
 8) Can I Stay With You
 9) Read Between The Lines
10) Part Time Lovers
11) Sexy
12) Can't You See
13) Thank The Lord
14) Perilous Time

Backing vocals: Nikki Tucker & Dean Fraser
Saxophone: Dean Fraser
Trumpet: Dean Fraser

Produced by: Fatta & Bulby, Firehouse Crew
Mixed by: Collin "Bulbie" York & Sojie
Engineered by: Nigel, Murphy