"Unu have heard that it were said - 'Love thy companion an hate thy enemy.' But I-man tell unu, that unu might be childran fe your Faada Who are ina Heaven - love your enemies, an bless them who curse unu, an do fine fe them who hate unu, an pray becau them who persecute unu; fe HIM send forth Sun pon evil ones an pon goodly ones, an sends rain pon righteous ones an pon sinners. If unu love them who love unu what reward do unu have? How about tax collectors - wouldn't them do that? An if unu greet only your bredren what superiority do unu mek? How about sinners - wouldn't them do that? Thus like unto your Heavenly Faada were perfect - be perfect ones." SELAH.


Peter Tosh - I Am That I Am

JAD Anansi CD, 2001

 1) I Am That I Am
 2) His Start in Music (Meeting Bob Marley & Bunny Wailer)
 3) Fire Fire
 4) Herb Smoking
 5) Pick Myself Up
 6) Humiliations
 7) Can't You See [Instrumental]
 8) Stop That Train
 9) His Philosophy
10) Fools Die
11) Reincarnation and Rasta Culture
12) Jah Guide
13) Blacks in Chicago
14) Can't You See
15) Blacks' Abilities (Teaching Marley Music)
16) Handsome Johnny
17) 'Bumbaclot' Defined
18) Instrumental
19) Herb as Healing of the Nation
20) Don't Wanna Get Busted
21) Post - One Love Concert Beating
22) Legalize It
23) His Future in Africa (Plots on His Life)
24) Get Up Stand Up
25) Police Beating While Writing Mark of the Beast


Pinchers - Agony

Jammy's LP, 1983

A1) Got To Be Me
A2) Don Is Don
A3) Magnet To Steal
A4) Baby Love
A5) Agony
B1) Hell In Harlem
B2) Si Down Pon It
B3) No Ice Cream Love
B4) Request To Deniese
B5) Geany In My Life

Produced by: King Jammy


Toyan With Tipper Lee & Johnny Slaughter - Murder

Vista LP, 1983

A1) Toyan - Joycie Gwan
A2) Tipper Lee & Johnny Slaughter - Sensimelia
A3) Toyan - Super Don ['Storm' Riddim]
A4) Tipper Lee & Johnny Slaughter - Warn Them
A5) Toyan - Pretty Face
B1) Tipper Lee & Johnny Slaughter - Over Me
B2) Toyan - Right Time ['African Beat' Riddim]
B3) Tipper Lee & Johnny Slaughter - Confusion ['Rougher Yet' Riddim]
B4) Toyan - Ice Cream ['Bobby Babylon' Riddim]
B5) Tipper Lee & Johnny Slaughter - Poor Man ['Rougher Yet' Riddim]

Produced by: Jah Thomas


Yellowman & Toyan - Superstar Yellowman Has Arrived With Toyan

Joe Gibbs LP, 1982

A1) Ringo - I Am Getting Married ['Mad Mad' Riddim]
A2) Yellowman - Love Struck ['Pick Up The Pieces' Riddim]
A3) Yellowman - Them A Fight I ['College Rock' Riddim]
A4) Yellowman - Which One A Dem A Wear De Ring
B1) Toyan - Love Night ['General' Riddim]
B2) Toyan - Modeling Time
B3) Toyan - Come Fi Mash It
B4) Toyan - Talk Of The Town ['Boxing' Riddim]

Produced by: Joe Gibbs, Errol Thompson & Ruddy Thomas


Toyan - Toyan

J&L LP, 1982

A1) Curfew
A2) Chalice
A3) Wife & Sweetheart
A4) Spar With Me
A5) Cuss & Cuss
B1) Life In Jam Down
B2) World War Affair
B3) Gun Shot
B4) Ronnie & Lou
B5) Posse

Drums: Sly Dunbar & Santa Davis
Bass: Robbie Shakespeare
Rhythm Guitar: Rad Bryan
Lead Guitar: Rad Bryan
Keyboards: Ansel Collins
Synthesiser: Robert Lynn
Piano: Gladdy Anderson
Trumpet: David Madden
Alto Saxophone: Dean Frazer
Tenor Saxophone: Dean Frazer
Percussions: Sticky

Engineered & Mixed by: Ernest Hoo Kim & Scientist
Recorded & Remixed at: Channel One

Toyan - Spar With Me

VP CD, 2007

Record date: 1982

 1) Love & Devotion
 2) How It Begun
 3) You I Love
 4) Dread In Babylon
 5) Wharehouse Breaking
 6) Please Mi Barrister
 7) Solomon Never Wise
 8) Braga Dat
 9) Jacket & Tie
10) Spar With Me
11) Stylee
12) Walk And Talk With Jah Love

Backed by: High Times Band & The Roots Radics

Produced by: Junjo Lawes
Recorded at: Channel One
Mixed by: Scientist
Mixed at: Channel One
Engineered by: Scientist

Toyan - Hot Bubble Gum

Power House LP, 1984

A1) Hot Bubble Gum
A2) Ram Dance Master
A3) What A Thing
A4) Treat The Dread Right
B1) Cumina
B2) DJ Crowd
B3) Dread
B4) Tickle Me

Bass: Lloyd Parks & Robbie
Drums: Sly & Barnabas
Lead Guitar: Willie Lindo
Rhythm Guitar: Willie Lindo
Keyboards: Robbie Lyn

Produced by: George Phang
Recorded at: Channel One
Mixed at: Dynamic Sounds
Engineered by: Peter Chemist & Mikey Riley

Toyan - Every Posse Want Me

Live & Learn LP, 1983

A1) Treat The Dread Right
A2) It Have Fi Light
A3) Joyce
A4) Tell You About Murder
A5) Calypso
B1) Just Nineteen
B2) Every Posse Want Me
B3) Man Smarter
B4) Pon Mi Bike Back
B5) Herb Transport

Toyan - Ghetto Man Skank

Midnight Rock LP, 1983

A1) Rock It Up
A2) Nice It Up
A3) Palaving Spree
A4) Raving
A5) Ghetto Man Skank
B1) Back To Jamdown
B2) Gwan A Dance
B3) Proud A Me
B4) Praise Him
B5) Super Duper
B6) Pretty Face

Backed by: Roots Radics
Produced by: Jah Thomas
Recorded at: Channel One
Mixed at: Channel One & King Tubby's


Midnite - Bless Go Roun

Higher Bound Prod. CD, 2007

 1) Ye Lands
 2) Nomo
 3) Starting From
 4) Bless Go Roun
 5) Exodus
 6) Mawai
 7) Giddeon
 8) Victory
 9) Ancient
10) Homing Zone
11) All Out
12) Here On
13) Raining King

Bass: Ishence
Drums: Ishence
Lead Guitar: Ishence
Rhythm Guitar: Ishence
Organ: Vaughn Benjamen
Synthesizer: Ishence

Produced by: Ishence & Donny Dread
Engineered by: Tippy I & Ishence
Mixed by: Ishence & Donny Dread

Midnite - Children Of Jah Dubs

Rastar Records CD, 2013

 1) I Must Say Dub
 2) Incline Dub
 3) Supply And Demand Dub
 4) Children Of Jah Dub
 5) Just To Live Dub
 6) In The Hands Of Jah Dub
 7) Pride And Shame Dub
 8) Ana Manikin
 9) Sense Less Event Dub
10) Carboniferous Land Dub
11) Tek It To Your Soul Faithful And True Dub
12) Bad Man Trade Dub
13) Always True Dub
14) Nothing Restrain Dub

Midnite - New 1000

FullGrown CD, 2006

 1) Real Time
 2) Medulla Oblongata
 3) Heart Stay
 4) Obey
 5) Give Me Me Ganja
 6) Home
 7) Racket
 8) Law
 9) Resin
10) Omega 6 Crystal
11) Jus Come Back
12) Jerusalem
13) Covenant Keeper
14) Utterly Composed
15) Gondar
16) Whims
17) Rastafari Right
18) 9-5

Vocals: Vaughn Benjamin & Jah Rubal
Bass: Nathan Kappel
Drums: Joseph Evans
Guitar: Matthew Koerce
Keyboards: Andres Estrada
Percussion: David Polka

Recorded at: Fullgrown

Midnite - Rule The Time

I Grade Records CD, 2007

 1) Stretch Out
 2) His Majesty
 3) Is Real
 4) Runway
 5) Sensi Tie Chi
 6) In HIM
 7) Love And Light
 8) Recounciliation
 9) Selassie I Say [Ft. Jah Rubal]
10) Rule The Time
11) Simbal Is The Leaf
12) Get Up
13) Born In The Time
14) Again A Lion
15) Jah Love Is Amazing
16) Come Een
17) Hold Strain
18) Listen
19) Good Thoughts

Backed by: Vaughn Benjamin, Tippy Alfred, Kenyetta Itola, Benny Torres, Balboa Becker, Garrett Kobsef, Seth Theodore & Gregory Jackson

Midnite - Vijan

I Grade CD, 2003

 1) All Ye Naashan
 2) See Blah Sum
 3) Cradle Of Joy
 4) Thanks For Life
 5) Yeah Many
 6) Thank The Lord
 7) Nativity
 8) Far I
 9) Days Come
10) Structa
11) Ru Be
12) Economics Out In The Raw
13) Scornful
14) Blackson Rays

Mixed by: Laurent "Tippy" Alfred

Midnite - Nemozian Rasta

I Grade Records CD, 2001

 1) Mountains
 2) Most High
 3) Shout That
 4) Love IE One Another
 5) Prize Your Name
 6) Bless
 7) Ancesta
 8) If I Betray
 9) Up Stay
10) Sing Out
11) Black Congo
12) Esta Es The Truth
13) Swing And The Slide
14) Keenly
15) Right Direction
16) Enough For Everyone

Bass: Kenyatta Itola, Phillip Merchant
Drums: Phillip Merchant
Guitar: Tippy Alfred, Phillip Merchant, Tuff Lion
Keyboards: Ron Benjamin, Ankh Watep, Eric Williams, Tippy Alfred, Donnie Dread
Flute: Vaughn Benjamin
Drum Programming: Tippy Alfred, Donnie Dread
Hand Drums: Vaughn Benjamin

Produced by: Vaughn Benjamin, Tippy Alfred
Mixed by: Tippy Alfred

Midnite - Geoman

I Grade Records CD, 2003

 1) Crown Aim
 2) M Street
 3) Powaz Ov Weed
 4) All Are U
 5) People Iz I
 6) The Valyou
 7) Nachral
 8) Plureal
 9) Jah In Dem (With Dread Ites & Pressure)
10) Known
11) Up Together
12) Doan Daly
13) Feel
14) Poze Arf
15) Inight

Midnite - Current

Natural Vibes CD, 2006

 1) Vibzin
 2) Ankoman
 3) Only
 4) Mornin
 5) Jah
 6) From
 7) Fors Ake
 8) Perilus
 9) Build Love
10) Up Full
11) Almighty
12) Won
13) Word
14) Seashells
15) To The Youth

Midnite - Jah Grid

I Grade Records CD, 2006

 1) Enter
 2) In Tent
 3) My Joy
 4) Kin Dread
 5) Under Management
 6) Spin Doctor
 7) Royal Habits
 8) The Bringers
 9) YHWH
10) Before I Lose My Strength
11) Third Eye (Jah Rubal)
12) High Place
13) On

Midnite - Assini

I Grade CD, 2002

 1) Old Robe
 2) Worker Be
 3) Balance
 4) Ises
 5) Reminder
 6) Blaze Up
 7) Highly
 8) Humble Wah?
 9) Womb
10) Good Remnant
11) Dry Bones Live
12) Mouth Of Ancients
13) Safe
14) Piranha (Come To Feed)
15) Sing Ye
16) No Fear No Sorrow

Midnite - Ainshant Maps

Afrikan Roots Lab CD, 2004

 1) Praise Jah
 2) Livity
 3) Drought
 4) Man Tain
 5) Abadan Abyss
 6) Judgement For Sentence
 7) Ainshant Maps
 8) Knocka Fia
 9) True King
10) Breathing Scrolls
11) Dub Playt
12) Arose

Vocals: Vaughn Benjamin
Backing Vocals: Vaughn Benjamin, Ron Benjamin
Bass: Phillip Merchant
Drums: Dion Hopkins
Guitar: Vaughn Benjamin, Abijah Hicks, Ron Benjamin
Keyboards: Ron Benjamin
Percussion: Vaughn Benjamin, Ron Benjamin

Produced & Engineered by: Midnite

Midnite - Ark A Law

Lion I Music/Higher Bound Prod. CD, 2010

 1) Ansa Fa
 2) Hunting Demeanor
 3) It Will Be
 4) Outta Youth
 5) Heavenly Heir
 6) lakey
 7) Rejoyce
 8) Law OI
 9) Ark A Law
10) Infinite Power
11) World Wide Get
12) Troddin Out
13) Springs


Maxi Priest - 2 The Max

Relentless Records CD, 2005

 1) Believe In Love
 2) There's Nothing Like This
 3) Tender Touch
 4) Hero To Zero
 5) Fields
 6) Full Hundred
 7) Sweat A' Go Buss
 8) Cry For The Children
 9) Like I Do
10) Wildfire
11) Wild World
12) Sweat A' Go Buss (Maxi Mix)

Maxi Priest - Best Of Me

Virgin CD, 1991

 1) Wild World
 2) In The Springtime
 3) Should I
 4) Close You
 5) How Can We Ease The Pain (Adam Mosely Mix) (with Beres Hammond)
 6) Let Me Know
 7) Housecall (with Shabba Ranks)
 8) Just A Little Bit Longer
 9) Caution
10) Some Guys Have All The Luck
11) I Know Love (with Tiger)
12) Strollin' On
13) Best Of Me
14) Crazy Love
15) Woman In You
16) Peace Throughout The World (with Jazzie B)


Mikey Spice & George Nooks - Twice As Nice Vol.2

Joe Fraser CD, 2005

 1) Mikey Spice - Showers Of Blessing
 2) Mikey Spice - Glass House
 3) Mikey Spice - Love Grows
 4) Mikey Spice - Step In The Name Of Love
 5) Mikey Spice - To Dance With My Mother
 6) Mikey Spice - Forever An Ever
 7) Mikey Spice - Please Be True
 8) Mikey Spice - Losing Me
 9) Mikey Spice - Ballroom Floor
10) Mikey Spice - Alli Alli Ho
11) George Nooks - Stand By My Woman
12) George Nooks - Be Strong
13) George Nooks - Top Ten
14) George Nooks - God Bless Our Love
15) George Nooks - My Children
16) George Nooks - Never Give Up
17) George Nooks - So Much Love
18) George Nooks - You Are Everything

Mikey Spice - Reggae Max

Jet Star CD, 1997

 1) Practice What You Preach
 2) Hold On
 3) I Need More
 4) Where Love Go
 5) So Much Things
 6) When Your Lonely
 7) You Make Me Feel
 8) Close The Door
 9) Stand Tall
10) Its All About Time
11) Born Again
12) Am I Losing You
13) Bodys Calling
14) Tell me Why
15) Loving Your Eyes
16) Where All in This Love Together
17) Waht The World Needs Now
18) Chants Down Babylon
19) Shower Me
20) When Your Around