"Unu have heard that it were said - 'Love thy companion an hate thy enemy.' But I-man tell unu, that unu might be childran fe your Faada Who are ina Heaven - love your enemies, an bless them who curse unu, an do fine fe them who hate unu, an pray becau them who persecute unu; fe HIM send forth Sun pon evil ones an pon goodly ones, an sends rain pon righteous ones an pon sinners. If unu love them who love unu what reward do unu have? How about tax collectors - wouldn't them do that? An if unu greet only your bredren what superiority do unu mek? How about sinners - wouldn't them do that? Thus like unto your Heavenly Faada were perfect - be perfect ones." SELAH.


Barry Brown & Willie Williams - Roots & Culture

Uptempo Records LP, 1984

A1) Barry Brown - Shoot Up
A2) Barry Brown - Next Door Girl
A3) Barry Brown - Touch She Ah Touch
A4) Barry Brown - Back Off
A5) Barry Brown - Saturday Night Fever
B1) Willie Williams - Loafers
B2) Willie Williams - One Love
B3) Willie Williams - Jah Righteous Reign
B4) Willie Williams - Natty Natty
B5) Willie Williams - A Child

Backed by: Black Roots Players & Uptempo Players

Mixed by: Peter Chemist
Mixed at: Channel One

Barry Brown - Right Now

Time Records LP, 1984

Record date: 198X

A1) Sister Magling
A2) Lonely Girl
A3) I Give My Love
A4) Make It With You
A5) You Don't Remember
B1) Mister Minister
B2) Guide And Protect Us
B3) Jukes And Watch
B4) It's Not So Easy
B5) Good People

Backing Band: The Roots Radics & We The People Band

Produced by: Jah Screw
Engineered by: Barnabas & Jah Screw
Recorded & Mixed at: Channel One (Kingston, JA)


Barry Brown & Stama Rank - More Vibes Of Barry Brown Along With Stama Rank

King Culture LP, 1986

Record date: 1986

A1) Nice Up The Dance
A2) Dance Hall Dub
A3) The Creator
A4) Creative Dub
B1) Give A Little Loving
B2) Lot Of Loving
B3) Hold On
B4) Hold On Tight Dub

Produced by: Everett Cooper

Delroy Wilson - Honey Love

Love People LP, 1988

A1) Nicely
A2) She Is Mine
A3) Loving Tonight
A4) I'm The One Who Loves You
A5) Step Inside
B1) Lean On Me
B2) Honey Love
B3) I Will Be There
B4) Don't Need Nobody

Delroy Wilson - Which Way Is Up

Blue Mountain LP, 1987

A1) Can't Tell Which Way Is Up
A2) Homely Girl
A3) Turn To Stone
A4) Reason
B1) A Woman Needs Love
B2) Doing Me Wrong
B3) Don't You Love Me
B4) Hey Girl


Delroy Wilson - Living In The Footsteps

Joe Gibbs LP, 1981

Record date: 1980

A1) Once Upon A Time
A2) I'm The One Who Loves You
A3) True Believer In Love
A4) Come Back Darling
A5) Conference Table
B1) Keep On Running
B2) Take It Easy
B3) Breaking Up
B4) Living In The Footsteps
B5) Here Comes The Heartache

Backed by: The Professionals
Drums: Devon Richardson & Sly Dunbar
Bass: Lloyd Parks
Rhythm Guitar: Bo-Peep Bowen
Lead Guitar: Willie Lindo
Piano: Franklyn Bubbler Waul
Organ: Franklyn Bubbler Waul & Winston Wright
Trumpet: Chico Hamilton & David Madden
Saxophone: Dean Fraser
Trombone: Nambo Robinson
Strings Synthesiser: Clive Hunt
Clavinet: Clive Hunt
Percussions: Sticky

Produced by: Bunny Lee
Engineered & Mixed by: Errol Thompson & Joe Gibbs

Delroy Wilson - Giant Reggae

S.I.G.H.T. EP, 1981

A1) Something You've Got - You've Got It
B1) I Can't Control Myself (Pt.1&2)
B2) Let's Get Together

Dennis Brown - The General

VP LP, 1993

A1) My Girl
A2) Never Never
A3) Concrete Jungle
A4) Green, Green Grass Of Home
B1) The Closer I Get To You (With Janet Kay)
B2) Last Thing On My Mind
B3) Just My Imagination
B4) If You Don't Know Me By Now

Backing Vocals: Lloyd Charmers, Pauline Asher & Simmion Slim
Bass: Val Douglas & Joe Richards
Drums: Michael Richards
Guitar: Joe Richards & Willie Lindo
Keyboards: Lloyd Charmes & Joe Richards
Drum Programming: Joe Richards

Produced by: Lloyd Charmers
Engineered by: Dave Ford & Joe Richards
Mixed by: Joe Richards
Recorded at: Pye Studios, Federal & Easy Street
Mixed at: Easy Street

Dennis Brown & Horace Andy - Reggae Super Stars Meet

Striker Lee LP, 1985

A1) Denins Brown - Love Me Forever
A2) Denins Brown - She Brings Me Great Joy
A3) Denins Brown - Girl You're My Inspiartion
A4) Denins Brown - I'm Lost Without You
A5) Denins Brown - Land Of The Lion Of Judah
A6) Denins Brown - Light Your Fire
A7) Denins Brown - I'll Get On Without You
B1) Horace Andy - Love I Can Feel
B2) Horace Andy - She Give Me Fever
B3) Horace Andy - My Heart Is Gone
B4) Horace Andy - See A Man's Face
B5) Horace Andy - Moving Away
B6) Horace Andy - Got To Be Sure
B7) Horace Andy - Anywhere You Want To Go

Produced by: Bunny Lee


Delroy Wilson - Hit After Hit: The Best Of

Channel One LP, 1984

A1) Sharing The Night Together
A2) When You Are In Love With A Beautiful Woman
A3) Do That To Me One More Time
A4) What's Going On
A5) Play Something Pretty
B1) Love To See You Smile
B2) (There's) No Getting Over Me
B3) Honey
B4) Peculiar


Josey Wales - Cowboy Style

Greensleeves CD, 1994

 1) Cowboy Style
 2) Girls Take Care A Your Man
 3) One Way Ticket
 4) The Roughest
 5) Dem A Fool
 6) Curfew [Ft. Frankie Paul & Dennis Brown]
 7) Preacher Man
 8) To The Chapel
 9) Bible Never Fail Mi Yet
10) Stepping Up
11) Model Pon Your Old Boyfriend
12) Fire Fall On Dem

Engineered by: Fatman, John John, King Jammys & Prento
Produced by: King Jammys
Mastered by: Kevin Metcalfe

Recorded & Mixed at: King Jammys.
Mastered at: The Town House, London.

Josey Wales - Na Lef Jamaica

Mango LP, 1988

A1) One Time
A2) Don't Run Away From Yard
A3) Solomon Style
A4) Better Nuh Deh
A5) Na Lef Jamaica
B1) Bad Bwoy
B2) Move Up
B3) Water Coma A Me Eye
B4) Josie Medley
B5) Give Me Love Up

Backed by: Steelie & Cleavie
Produced by: King Jammys


Various - An African Museum Selection: Togetherness

Heartbeat LP, 1984 (US)

A1) Gregory Isaacs - Top Ten
A2) Ronnie Davis - Writing On The Wall
A3) Ronnie Davis - No More Darling
A4) The Viceroys - Brethren And Sistren
A5) The Mighty Diamonds - Wicked A Fight
B1) Bobby Melody - Got To Be True
B2) Gregory Isaacs - Cream Of The Crop
B3) Bobby Melody - Try So Hard
B4) The Mighty Diamonds - Make Haste
B5) The Viceroys - Miracle

Produced by: Gregory Isaacs


Delroy Wilson - Go Away Dream

Black Music LP, 1982

A1) Spit In The Sky
A2) When She Was My Girl
A3) No More Heartaches
A4) Golden Touch
A5) I Want To Love You
A6) Silhouette
B1) Go Away Dream
B2) Won't You Come Home
B3) Baby Here I Am
B4) Can't Take You Back
B5) Let's Not Fight Anymore
B6) If You Would Stand By Me

Backed by: The Aggrovators
Produced by: Bunny Lee

Delroy Wilson - True Believer In Love

Carib Gems LP, 197X

A1) Here Comes The Heartache
A2) Come Back Darling
A3) True Believer In Love
A4) Call On Me Baby
A5) Breaking Up
A6) Somebody Has Stolen My Girl
B1) I Can't Stand It
B2) Who Cares
B3) Take It Easy
B4) I'm In A Dancing Mood
B5) Keep On Pushing
B6) Can't You See That I Love You

Vocals: Delroy Wilson
Drums: Sly Dunbar & Carlton Davis
Bass: Brother Mickie & Robbie Shakespeare & Aston Barrett
Rhythm Guitar: Little D & Eric Frater & Tony Chin & Bo Peep
Lead Guitar: Willie Lindo & Earl Chinna Smith
Piano: Gladstone Anderson & Keith Sterling
Organ: Winston Wright & Jackie Mittoo
Horns: Ossie Scott & Bobby Ellis
Percussions: Skully & Sticky

Producer: Bunny Lee


Junior Reid & Teezy - Two Of A Kind

Tamoki Wambesi LP, 1985

A1) Junior Reid - Oh Happy Day
A2) The Roots Radics - Daylight Version
A3) Junior Reid - Movie Star
A4) The Roots Radics - Guiding Star Version
A5) Junior Reid - Concrete Castle King
A6) The Roots Radics - The King And I Version
B1) Teezy - Wanted By The Massive
B2) The Stars Inc. - Wanted For Version
B3) Teezy - Too Much Guns
B4) The Stars Inc. - Peace Version
B5) Teezy - Ghetto Girl
B6) The Stars Inc. - Village Girl Version

Leroy Smart & Junior Reid - Face To Face Clash

Sunset LP, 1985

A1) Leroy Smart - Don't Be Little Me
A2) Leroy Smart - So Them Stay
A3) Leroy Smart - Mother Lassie
A4) Leroy Smart - Modelling
A5) Leroy Smart - Just Trust Me
B1) Junior Reid - Meet Me At The School Gate
B2) Junior Reid - Love Affair
B3) Junior Reid - Best Friend Granny
B4) Junior Reid - I Am An Innocent Man
B5) Junior Reid - Honey Honey

Backed by: The Roots Radics
Produced by: Henry Junjo Lawes
Engineered & Mixed by: Sylvan Morris
Recording & Mixed at: Harry J (Kingston, JA)

Johnny Osbourne - Nightfall Showcase

Munich CD, 1997

Record date: 1981

 1) Back Off Ringcraft
 2) Ringcraft Dub
 3) Kiss Somebody
 4) Kiss Kiss Dub
 5) Reach The Top
 6) Rude Boy
 7) Nightfall
 8) Nightfall Dubbing
 9) Love Comes And Goes
10) Girl Of My Complexion
11) Little Lover (Discomix)
12) Turn Me On
13) Marijuana Tree [Ft. Linval Thompson]
14) Qua She
15) Qua She Take Over [Ft. Ringo]
16) Come Along [Ft. Freddie McKay]
17) Qua She Dub

Bass: Flabba
Drums: Style, Santa
Lead Guitar: Bo Peep
Rhythm Guitar: Sowell
Piano: Gladdy
Organ: Winston Wright
Percussion: Sky Juice

Produced by: Linval Thompson
Mixed by: Scientist
Recorded at: Channel One
Mixed at: King Tubby's


Various - Water Pumping Top Ten (Johnny Osbourne 'Water Pumping' Rhythm)

Tad's LP, 1983

A1) The Mighty Rudo - You Are My Sunshine
A2) Sugar Minott - Level Vibes
A3) Leroy Smart - Do It Like Me
A4) Freddie McGregor - Name And Number
A5) Johnny Osbourne - Water Pumping
B1) Horace Andy - Beware
B2) Badoo - Baby Come Home
B3) Water House Youth - Everywhere We Go
B4) Singie Singie - Shoulder Move
B5) Ranking Prendigas - Baby Come Home

Produced by: Tad Dawkins
Recorded at: Channel One & Dynamic Sounds

Johnny Osbourne - Water Pumping

Greensleeves LP, 1983

A1) Water Pumping
A2) Fire Down Below
A3) Trouble Maker
A4) Dance With You
A5) Rolling Reggae
B1) Love You Tonight
B2) Na Look Nobody
B3) Purify Your Heart
B4) Get Up
B5) Angel In My Arms

Backing Vocals: Black Crucial
Backing Band: The High Times Band
Drums: Sly Dunbar & Ben Bow
Bass: Robbie Shakespeare & Christopher Meredith
Rhythm Guitar: Fazal Prendergast
Lead Guitar: Chinna
Piano: Tony Asher
Organ: Tarzan & Tony Asher
Percussions: Prince Jammy & Scully Simms
Strings Synthesiser: Tony Asher

Produced by: Prince Jammy
Mixed by: Scientist & Prince Jammy
Recorded & Mixed at: Channel One (Kingston, JA)

Tenor Saw - Come Me Just A Come

Blue Mountain 12", 1984

A1) Tenor Saw - Come Me Just A Come
A2) Tenor Saw - Come Me Just A Come Version
B1) Tenor Saw - Come Me Just A Come [Club Mix]
B2) Sly & Robby - Come Me Just A Come [Club Mix]

Tenor Saw & Buju Banton - Ring The Alarm Quick {Stalag Riddim}

Techniques 7", 1991

A) Ring The Alarm Quick
B) Ring The Alarm Quick Version [Keyboard]


Various - Hypocrite Inna Dance Hall Style

Empire LP, 1984

A1) Tony Tuff - Gone Clear
A2) Michael Palmer - No More Lean Boot
A3) Don Angelo - Settlement
A4) Wayne Smith - Karma Chameleon
A5) Earl Sixteen - Come A Long Way
B1) Midnight Rider - Hypocrite
B2) Black Euphony - Leggo Mi Hand
B3) Frankie Jones - Wooden Heart
B4) Version Hypocrite

Horns: Radication Squad

Recorded at: Channel One
Mixed by: Donavon Phillips & Peter Chemist
Mixed at: Channel One

Various - Sly & Robbie Presents: The Unmetered Taxi

Empire LP, 1984

A1) Frankie Jones - With You
A2) Anthony Johnson - Stop Call Me
A3) Patrick Andy - You Stepped
A4) Horace Andy - Sweet Loving
A5) Hugh Griffiths - I Remember
B1) Earl Sixteen - Strictly Bubbling
B2) Midnight Riders - Haul & Pull Up
B3) Michael Palmer - Pon Your Toes
B4) Jackie Statement - Just Come In
B5) Sly & Robbie, Dean Fraser & Robbie Lyn - Unmetered Taxi

Producer: Joseph Hoo Kim

Mixing Engineer: Barnabas

Channel One (Kingston, JA)

Various - Adam & Eve

Empire LP, 1984

A1) Devon Russell - People's Fear
A2) Wayne Smith - The Girl Just A Jiggle
A3) Patrick Andy - Reggae Music The Number One
A4) Tony Tuff - Get Ready
A5) Nitty Gritty - One To Ten
B1) Midnight Riders - Ram It Again
B2) The Jays - Why
B3) Don Angelo - Money We Want
B4) Colour Man - Plain Truth
B5) Sly & Robbie - Version

Produced by: Joseph Hookim
Mixed by: Barnabas, Soljie, Chemist & Donovan
Recorded at: Channel One [Kingston, JA]