"Unu have heard that it were said - 'Love thy companion an hate thy enemy.' But I-man tell unu, that unu might be childran fe your Faada Who are ina Heaven - love your enemies, an bless them who curse unu, an do fine fe them who hate unu, an pray becau them who persecute unu; fe HIM send forth Sun pon evil ones an pon goodly ones, an sends rain pon righteous ones an pon sinners. If unu love them who love unu what reward do unu have? How about tax collectors - wouldn't them do that? An if unu greet only your bredren what superiority do unu mek? How about sinners - wouldn't them do that? Thus like unto your Heavenly Faada were perfect - be perfect ones." SELAH.


Nicodemus & Toyan - DJ Clash

Greensleeves LP, 1982

A1) Toyan - Overseas Posse
A2) Nicodemus - Hail Nico Dread
A3) Toyan - Bully Dread
A4) Nicodemus - Shaolin Pat
A5) Toyan - Tell Me Your Occupation
B1) Nicodemus - Birdman Hunting
B2) Toyan - Wife And Sweetheart
B3) Nicodemus - Bubble Nicodemus
B4) Toyan - Jah Love In Wi Heart
B5) Nicodemus - Tubbys Daddy

Backed by: The Roots Radics

Produced by: Henry Junjo Lawes
Mixed by: Soljie Hamilton
Recorded at: Channel One
Mixed at: Channel One & King Tubby's

Jah Thomas - Dance On The Corner

Midnight Rock LP, 1979

A1) Praise God
A2) Mister Walker
A3) Dance On The Corner
A4) General 007
A5) Trackas-Trackas
B1) Natty Dread The Traveller
B2) Cricket Lovely Cricket
B3) Best Dress
B4) Bad Man Entry
B5) Marijuana-Marijuana

Produced by: Jah Thomas
Mixed by: King Tubby, Prince Jammy & Scientist


Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Stop That Train

Greensleeves CD, 2004

Record date: 1983

 1) Stop That Train
 2) Vote For We
 3) Nuclear Crisis
 4) Rock With Me
 5) Shame And Scandal
 6) Matty Gunga Walk
 7) Disco Queen
 8) Stop Jack
 9) True Vegetarian
10) Everything Crash
11) Monkey Man
12) H.A.P.P.Y.

Backed by: Inity Rockers
Bass: Freddie Gachette
Drums: Dean Pierre
Guitar: Cameron Pierre
Keyboards: Delroy Donaldson
Percussion: Mohamed Kamara & Mickie Spratt

Produced by: Chris Cracknell
Mixed by: Kenny Jones
Engineered by: Kenny Jones & Steve Holroyd
Recorded at: Focus & Matrix
Mixed at: The Townhouse

Frankie Paul & Michael Palmer - Double Trouble

Greensleeves LP, 1985

Record date: 1985

A1) Michael Palmer - It's Too Late
A2) Michael Palmer - I'm Attractive
A3) Michael Palmer - Hold Me
A4) Michael Palmer - Better She Go On
A5) Michael Palmer - Them A Chat
B1) Frankie Paul - Pass The Dubplate
B2) Frankie Paul - Love Is Like A Candy
B3) Frankie Paul - Zion Train
B4) Frankie Paul - Where Is That Love
B5) Frankie Paul - Tell Me Why

Backed by: The High Times Band

Produced by: Prince Jammy
Mixed by: Prince Jammy & Soljie Hamilton
Recorded at: Channel One
Mixed at: Channel One & Jammy's


The Revolutionaries - I Came, I Saw, I Conquered

Channel One LP, 1996

Record date: 1980

A1) Round One
A2) Round Two
A3) Round Three
A4) Round Four
A5) Round Five
B1) Round One
B2) Round Two
B3) Round Three
B4) Round Four
B5) Round Five

Bass: Ranchie & Robbie Shakespeare
Drums: Sly Dunbar
Lead Guitar: Rad Bryan
Rhythm Guitar: Robbie Shakespeare
Keyboards: Ansell Collins
Percussion: Scully Simms
Piano: Errol Tarzan Nelson
Alto Saxophone: Herman Marquis
Tenor Saxophone: Tommy McCook
Synthesizer: Robbie Lyn
Trumpet: Bobby Ellis

Engineered by: Barnabas, Ernest Hoo Kim & Les McKenzie
Recorded at: Channel One Recording Studio
Remixed at: Channel One Recording Studio


Leroy Smart - She Love It In The Morning

GG's LP, 1983

A1) Reggae Is Jah Music
A2) Version
A3) More Than A Million
A4) This World
A5) The Little That I Have
B1) She Love It In The Morning
B2) Love Jah
B3) Best Friend Of Mine
B4) Critisizing
B5) Love Me Tonight

Backing Band: GG's All Stars

Produced by: Alvin Ranglin
Engineered by: Solgie
Recorded at: Channel One Recording Studio

Aggrovators Present: Leroy Smart - Super Smart

Aggrovators, 2017

 1) Dread V Babylon
 2) Good Luck
 3) Marcus Oh My
 4) Girl Called Sharon
 5) Missing Love
 6) Going Ballistic
 7) No Payoff for Badness
 8) Jah
 9) Ambitious Pride

U Roy - Jah Son Of Africa

State Line LP, 1978

A1) Jah Son Of Africa
A2) Rivers Of Babylon
A3) Tom Drunk
A4) Peace And Love In The Ghetto
B1) Running Around Town With Tom, Dick And Harry
B2) I Got To Tell You Goodbye
B3) Herbman Skanking
B4) Africa For The Africans
B5) Love In The Arena

Produced by: Tony Robinson


Peter Broggs - Never Give Up

Jah Warrior Records, 2009

 1) Love In A Higher Region
 2) Signs Of The Time
 3) Zion Road I A Trod
 4) Take A Good Look
 5) Haile Selassie
 6) Conquer The Dragon
 7) Ancient Of The Years
 8) Live Good
 9) I Know Now
10) Never Give Up
11) A Lie Them A Tell
12) Life Eternal

Peter Broggs - Progressive Youth

RAS CD, 1999

Record date: 1979

 1) Never Forget Jah
 2) Don't Get Weary Rasta
 3) Jah Jah Help Us Progressive
 4) I Don't Know
 5) Cool Down
 6) Forward Natty
 7) Having A Party
 8) Live Up
 9) River Jordan
10) Give Thanks

Vocals: Peter Broggs
Bass: Flabba Holt
Drums: Style Scott
Lead Guitar: Sowell
Guitar: Bingy Bunny
Organ: Winston Wright
Percussions: Bongo Herman
Piano: Gladstone Anderson

Produced by: Bingy Bunny
Mixed by: Scientist
Engineered by: Bunny Tom Tom
Recorded at: Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Mixed at: King Tubby's (Kingston, JA)


Frankie Paul - Strictly Reggae Music

Londisc LP, 1984

A1) Strictly Reggae Music
A2) So Jah Say
A3) It's You I Love
B1) Oh Girl
B2) The Girl I Love
B3) Brothers

Produced by: E.J. Robinson
Engineered by: Michael Riley & David Rowe
Recorded & Mixed at: Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA)


U Roy - Right Time Rockers (The Lost Album)

Sound System LP, 1993

Record date: 1976

A1) Merciful Dub
A2) Rightful Reggae
A3) Bury The Razor
A4) Crashie Sweep
A5) Ital Vital
A6) Full Time
B1) People A Go Lingua
B2) Swell Head Skank
B3) Truthful Dub
B4) Cane Man Shuffle
B5) Back Stabbing
B6) Poor Marcus

Recorded at: Channel One

Peter Broggs - RAS Portraits

RAS CD, 1997

 1) Rastafari Liveth
 2) You've Got to Be Wise
 3) Jah Jah Voice Is Calling
 4) Cheer Up
 5) Rastaman Chant Nyahbingi
 6) Just Can't Stop Praising Jah
 7) Cease the War
 8) Military Man
 9) Don't Let the Children Cry
10) Just Because I'm a Rastaman
11) International Farmer
12) Leggo Me Hand
13) 400 Years


Denroy Morgan - Theocracy Reign

VP CD, 2009

 1) Go Before Us Jah
 2) The Lion Of Judah
 3) Theocracy Reign
 4) Little Children
 5) Holy Sabbath
 6) Jesus Is Still Alive
 7) Rock A My Soul
 8) God Meant It For My Good
 9) Why Should I
10) The More We Are Together
11) Rasta Man Trod To Mount Zion
12) I'M Still Holding On
13) Fire Man
14) Blessed Be The Ties That Bind


Denroy Morgan - Birth Of A Ministry

Jet Star CD, 2006

 1) Rock A My Soul
 2) Lion Of Judah
 3) Theocracy Reign
 4) Jesus Is Still Alive
 5) Little Children
 6) Holy Sabbath
 7) Why Should I

I-Roy V Prince Jazzbo

Aggrovators, 2017

 1) Incorporation of Dub
 2) Duke It
 3) I Roy's Head
 4) Jazzbo's Head
 5) In Jah's Name
 6) Dub a Jah
 7) Benwood Dick
 8) Stone Wood
 9) Dee's Hot Stuff
10) Dub Fi Denham
11) Road Duke
12) What a Version

I-Roy - Healer

Aggrovators, 2017

 1) Dragon Moves
 2) Bug Hell
 3) Sickness
 4) Bellyful
 5) Hot Jug
 6) Innocence
 7) Herbie Mann Tribute
 8) Coast a Gold
 9) Mister Capp
10) Red Colombo


Leroy Smart - Private Message

Tabou 1 CD, 2001

Record date: 198X

 1) Something Special
 2) Stay Together
 3) You Ready
 4) So Sweet
 5) Some A Them Rough
 6) Reggae Music
 7) Need A Lady
 8) Don't Leave Me An Inch
 9) Number One
10) Private Message
11) Only You
12) Don't Cry
13) Love Jah
14) Disappointed Lover
15) Jah Come First
16) Love Me
17) Ready For Love
18) Be My Side [-]
19) Don't Go [-]
20) Don't Go (Dub Mix) [-]

Backed by: Sly & Robbie
Recorded at: Channel One Recording Studio
Mastered at: L'Autre Studio


Leroy Smart - The Don Tells It Like It Is…

Kingston Sounds CD, 2013

Record date: 197X

 1) God Helps The Man
 2) Mr. Smart
 3) Pride And Ambition
 4) Wreck Up My Life
 5) Man Is Great
 6) Jah Show Them The Way
 7) My Heart And Soul
 8) Mr. Richman
 9) Bad Minded People
10) It Makes No Sense
11) How Long
12) Natty Dread I Strong
13) Let Your Heart Be Pure
14) Look What You Do
15) It's A Long Time I've Been Waiting
16) We All Are One

Bass: Robbie Shakespeare
Drums: Carlton 'Santa' Davis, Sly Dunbar
Lead Guitar: Earl 'Chinna' Smith
Rhythm Guitar: Willie Lindo
Organ: Winston Wright
Piano: Jackie Mittoo
Tenor Saxophone: Tommy McCook
Trombone: Deadly 'Headley' Bennett, Vin Gordon
Trumpet: Bobby Ellis

Produced by: Bunny Lee
Recorded at: Channel One, Harry J's, Randy's Studio 17, Dynamic & King Tubby's
Mixed at: King Tubby's

Dennis Alcapone - The Aggrovators Present: Alcapone V Sly & Robbie

Aggrovators, 2017

Leroy Smart - It's All In The Art

Aggrovators, 2017

 1) Nah Like It
 2) Jah Almighty
 3) Pure Heart
 4) Rich
 5) Great Man
 6) Bad Minds
 7) Wanna Go Home
 8) Life Funny
 9) Jah Helpful
10) Pride & Shame

Leroy Smart - Style And Fashion

Nura LP, 1983

A1) Take Your Time Girl
A2) Give Me Loving
A3) Back To Back
A4) Turn Me On
A5) Some Girl
B1) Come Fe Mash It
B2) Ethiopia Is The Place
B3) Baby Stop Your Crying
B4) Truth And Right
B5) I Am Going Home

Bass: Robbie Shakespeare & Errol Holt
Drums: Sly Dunbar & Style Scott
Lead Guitar: Noel Bailey
Rhythm Guitar: Bingy Bunny
Organ: Winston Wright & Ansel Collins
Piano: Gladstone Anderson & Steelie Johnson
Saxophone: Bobby Ellis & Deadly Headly

Produced & Arranged by: Leroy Smart


Little Kirk & Marshall Neeko - Truly Great Showcase

Idlers Corner CD, 2018

 1) Little Kirk - Mankind
 2) Marshall Neeko - Mankind Dub
 3) Little Kirk - Free Up
 4) Marshall Neeko - Free Up Dub
 5) Little Kirk - Give Jah The Praise
 6) Marshall Neeko - Praises Dub
 7) Little Kirk - Truly Great
 8) Marshall Neeko - Truly Great Dub
 9) Little Kirk - Pressure Sound Boy
10) Marshall Neeko - Champion Dub
11) Little Kirk - Be Still
12) Marshall Neeko - Mountain Dub
13) Little Kirk - How Long
14) Marshall Neeko - How Long Dub

More Little Kirk Here.


I-Roy - DJ from JA

Aggrovators, 2017

 1) Rasta Wise
 2) Dubwise Rasta
 3) Dub Fat Eel
 4) Fat Eel
 5) Collie
 6) Dub Collie
 7) Nah Conquer Dub
 8) Roughness
 9) Dub Rough Down
10) Dub Universal (Version 1)
11) Dub Universal (Version 3)
12) Dub Universal (Version 5)

I-Roy - Unbeatable

Aggrovators, 2017

 1) Grande Death
 2) Africa
 3) Web
 4) Coal Killers
 5) Bug Out
 6) Zen Warlord
 7) Release Zimbabwe
 8) Metal Woman
 9) Mind Ya Business