"Unu have heard that it were said - 'Love thy companion an hate thy enemy.' But I-man tell unu, that unu might be childran fe your Faada Who are ina Heaven - love your enemies, an bless them who curse unu, an do fine fe them who hate unu, an pray becau them who persecute unu; fe HIM send forth Sun pon evil ones an pon goodly ones, an sends rain pon righteous ones an pon sinners. If unu love them who love unu what reward do unu have? How about tax collectors - wouldn't them do that? An if unu greet only your bredren what superiority do unu mek? How about sinners - wouldn't them do that? Thus like unto your Heavenly Faada were perfect - be perfect ones." SELAH.


V.A. - Joe Gibbs 12'' Discomix Showcase Vol.3

17 North Parade CD, 2009
::: MIRROR :::
::: MIRROR :::

 1) Marcia Aitken And Trinity - Im Not A Queen // Duck Boy
 2) Ruddy Thomas And Trinity - Every Day Is A Holiday // Natty Dread On The Go
 3) Ruddy Thomas And Trinity - Windy Day
 4) Daovan Chambers And Trinity - On The Mountain Top // Cant Keep A Good Man Down
 5) Sammy Dread And Lee Van Cliff - My Princess // Get Up And Skank
 6) Cornell Campbell And Lee Van Cliff - Boxing Around // Look How She Fat
 7) Barry Brown And U-Mike - Tourist Season // Island In The Sun
 8) Eek-A-Mouse And Lui Lepke - Virgin Girl // Lovers Take Over
 9) Danny Mangaroo And Lui Lepke - Dancehall Style // Step Mother
10) George Nooks And Papa Tullo // Sadie - Fe Me Time Now
11) Freddie McGregor And Shorty The President - First Sight Loving // Hugging And Kissing

By Danny Dred. Big Thanks !!