"Unu have heard that it were said - 'Love thy companion an hate thy enemy.' But I-man tell unu, that unu might be childran fe your Faada Who are ina Heaven - love your enemies, an bless them who curse unu, an do fine fe them who hate unu, an pray becau them who persecute unu; fe HIM send forth Sun pon evil ones an pon goodly ones, an sends rain pon righteous ones an pon sinners. If unu love them who love unu what reward do unu have? How about tax collectors - wouldn't them do that? An if unu greet only your bredren what superiority do unu mek? How about sinners - wouldn't them do that? Thus like unto your Heavenly Faada were perfect - be perfect ones." SELAH.


U Roy - Serious Matter

Tabou1 CD, 2000

 1) Intro
 2) Half Me Get
 3) Attention
 4) Money
 5) A Capella
 6) Same Vibe
 7) Half 3 The Hard Way
 8) Know Yourself
 9) Love Fe Me
10) Serious Matter
11) Ska Version
12) When Jah Come
13) Interview
14) Bass Power
15) Know Who I Am
16) Night Nurse
17) Miss Till I Kiss
18) Love Fe Me 3 The Hard Way

Bass: Flabba Holt & Mikey Wallace
Drums: Derrick Stewart, Sly Dunbar, Prince Manning & Flabba Holt
Guitar: Cat Coore, Rupert Bent & Steve Golding
Keyboards: Obeah Denton, Keith Sterling, Mallory Williams & Mikey Wallace
Percussion: Derrick Stewart
Horns: Dizzy Moore, Deadly Headley, Dean Fraser, Calvin Cameron & Geoffrey Brown

Produced by: Flabba Holt, Guillaume Bougard & Pierre Simonin
Mixed by: Bravo & Naya


Delroy Wilson - Reggae Classics

Londisc LP, 1984

A1) Island In The Stream
A2) Wish You Were Here
A3) Hard To Say I'm Sorry
A4) Always Something There To Remind Me
B1) New York City
B2) You've Lost That Loving Feeling
B3) Letter To Mummy And Daddy
B4) Suspicion

Vocals: Delroy Wilson & Jennifer Lara
Backing vocals: Dean Fraser, Ruddy Thomas, Desi Roots, Junior Chin & Sly Dunbar
Bass: Lloyd Parks & Derrick Barnett
Lead Guitar: Willie Lindo
Rhythm Guitar: Willie Lindo
Organ: Robert Lynn & Winston Wright
Piano: Robert Lynn
Horns: Dean Fraser & Junior Chin

Various - Jah Righteous Reign Riddim [10'' EP Reissue 198X]

Uptempo 10", 2008

A1) Mr Big Man [Don Carlos]
A2) Shoot Up the Town [Barry Brown]
B1) Jah Righteous Reign [Willie Williams]
B2) Version [Uptempo Allstars]

Dr. Alimantado - Wonderful Time

Keyman CD, 2000

 1) Oh My Brothers & Sisters
 2) Wonderful Time
 3) Judgement Day
 4) Dr. A Symposium
 5) How Long
 6) Together
 7) (Tell Me How) The Poor Man Get The Gun
 8) Ital Vital
 9) Indication
10) Green Green Grass
11) Badness What A Madness
12) This Little Bird
13) Dr. A. Outlet Pinioning
14) Ghetto Children
15) Jah Children Cry
16) Dr. A. The Best Dressed Chicken Rides Again


Joseph Cotton - Talk Of The Town

Thunder Bolt LP, 1984

 1) Leave In A Mi Yard
 2) Soup A Soup
 3) Survival
 4) Pon The Attack
 5) Joseph Cotton Dish
 6) Chant
 7) Judgement Time
 8) Talking Mc

Producer: Patrick Sutherland & Tony Shabazz


Al Mighty Dread - Emergency

Mighty Dread CD

 1) Raining Love
 2) Wait
 3) Father Nature
 4) King Selassie
 5) Emegency
 6) Learn To Love
 7) Sweet Lady
 8) Do You Believe
 9) Man From Creation
10) Babylon Invasion
11) Mad Situation
12) Disobedient Children
13) Neightbours
14) Another Fire
15) Another Dub

Produced by: Al Mighty Dread


Martin Campbell & Hi-Tech Roots Dynamics - San Diego Vibes

Top Beat CD, 2002

 1) Long Meadow
 2) Trade Roots
 3) Sweetwater Vibes
 4) Tribe Of Kings
 5) Channel One Rockers
 6) Claremont Messa Blvd
 8) Imperial Rock
 9) Unity
10) Creshent Ss
11) Jamaica Blvd
12) San Diego Bay
13) Belmont Park
14) Mission Bay
15) Shagga's Bingy


Josey Wales - Ruling

Tuff Gong LP, 1986

Record date: 1986

A1) Ruling
A2) Leggo The Rhythm
A3) Fight For Human Rights
A4) Fussing & Fighting
B1) Autobiography
B2) Ragga Muffin
B3) Rentman
B4) Weh Dem A Go Do

Vocals: Josey Wales
Bass: Flabba Holt & Steelie Johnson
Drums: Cleveland Brownie & Style Rattadam
Rhythm Guitar: Bingy Bunny
Lead Guitar: Dwight Pickney
Keyboards: Steelie Johnson

Engineer: Anthony Kelly
Producer: Triston Palma

Recorded & Mixed at: Tuff Gong (Kingston, JA)

V.A. - Words Sound 'Ave Power (Reggae Poetry)

Heartbeat CD, 1994

Record date: 198X

 1) Jean Binta Breeze - To Plant
 2) Mutabaruka - Set De Prisoners Free
 3) Malachi Smith - Victim
 4) Tomlin Ellis - Drop It
 5) Glenville Bryan - Blood Shout
 6) Navvie Nabbie - Mr. Bigness Man
 7) Jean Binta Breeze - Aid Travels With A Bomb
 8) Oliver Smith - Signs Of The Times
 9) Mutabaruka - Out Of Many One
10) Scientist - Fork And Hoe
11) Scientist - Death Row
12) Scientist - Cussing The President
13) Scientist - Illusion
14) Scientist - Blood Shout Dubn
15) Scientist - Hide And Fine
16) Scientist - Aids
17) Scientist - Anti-Klan Dub
18) Scientist - Land Control

Mixing Engineer: Scientist

Sammy Dread - Early Days

Roots Tradition LP, 198X

A1) African Girl
A2) Misareable Woman
A3) Loving You Girl
A4) Prisnor Of Your Love
A5) Loving You
A6) She Ant For Real
B1) Row Mr. Fisher Man
B2) What's Going On
B3) Read Up Jah Bible
B4) One Man
B5) Watch & Peap
B6) Bad Girl

Backed by: Bingy Bunny, Santa Davis, Chinna Smith, Snapping, Flabba, Fullwood, Glady Anderson, Sterling, Horse, Skully, Robbie, Sly, Tony Chin, Stickey

Produced by: Don Mais
Engineered by: Bunny Tom Tom, Scientist, Soljie
Recorded at: Channel One Recording Studio
Mixed at: King Tubby's Studio


I Roy - The Observer Book Of Roy Samuel Reid

VP LP, 2012

A1) Jah Come Here
A2) Step On The Dragon
A3) Camp Road Skanking
A4) Fresh And Clean
A5) Native Land
A6) Point Blank Observer Style
B1) Sister Maggie Breast
B2) Water Rate
B3) Jamaican Girl
B4) Wicked Eat Dirt [Ft. Leroy Smart]
B5) Roots Man

Produced by: Winston (Niney) Holness
Mastered by: Pete Norman

Back sleeve:
The awesome run of hit singles that the late, great I Roy voiced for Niney The Observer during 1976 and 1977 are collected together here on LP for the very first time. Versioning a serious selection of roots reggae classics, including ''Here I Come'', ''Wolf & Leopards'', ''Satta Amassa Ganna'' and ''Weeping'', The Observer Book Of I-Roy showcases I-Roy's lyrical lexicogoraphy for Niney in fine style. This is foundation deejay music at its very, very best. Let there be version!

Sammy Dread Is Mr. Music

Jah Life LP, 1982

A1) Top Of The Pops
A2) You Got A Hold On Me
A3) Truths And Rights
A4) Tribute To Bob Marley
B1) Baby Come To Me
B2) This Morning
B3) Hey Little Girl
B4) Mad As Can Be

Backing Band: Roots Radics Band
Bass: Ras Elroy Bailey, Larry (Professor Bassie) Silvera
Drums: Desmond Mahoney, Toney Style Scott
Bass Guitar: Errol Flabba Holt
Guitar: Chris Hanson
Lead Guitar: Jah Sowell Tempo
Rhythm Guitar: Eric Bingy Bunny Lamont
Keyboards: Toney Brightly
Organ: Winston Jelly Belly Wright
Percussion: Christopher Sky Juice Burt
Piano: Gladstone Gladdy Anderson
Horns: Deadly Headly Bennett, Reco


Dennis Brown - In Concert

Ayeola LP, 1987

A1) Halfway Up, Halfway Down
A2) Have You Ever Been In Love ~ Ole Man River
A3) It's Magic ~ Hypocrites
A4) Stop the Fighting ~ Don't Hurt my Feelings
B1) How Could I Leave
B2) Should I
B3) Cassandra
B4) Westbound Train
B5) Promised Land

Backing Band: Lloyd bykes & We The People Band

Produced by: Carl Thelwell & Delroy Thompson
Recorded at: Live At Reggae Sunsplash


Tony Tuff - Render Your Heart

CSA LP, 1984

 1) Trying Man
 2) Sticky Wicket
 3) Render Your Heart
 4) Turn Me On
 5) Separation
 6) Feel Like Dancing (Raving)
 7) Good Loving
 8) Its Happening
 9) Give Me
10) Sweet Mary Ann

Don Carlos & Gold - Plantation

Tamoki Wambesi LP, 1984

A1) Plantation
A2) Promise To Be
A3) Tear Drops (Ft Gold)
A4) Declaration Of Rights
A5) Aint Too Proud To Beg
B1) Pretty Baby (Gold)
B2) Nice Time (Late Night Blues)
B3) Get Up
B4) Unity Is Strength (With Charlie Chaplin)
B5) Leggo Me Shirt Gate Man (With Charlie Chaplin)

Anthony B - Higher Meditation

Greensleeves CD, 2007

 1) Intro
 2) Higher Meditation
 3) Honour To Marcus Ft Natty King
 4) Nah Run From People
 5) Hold On
 6) Just Can't Live That Way
 7) Ease Off
 8) One Chalice
 9) Tired Of Waiting In Vain
10) Your Time Has Come
11) Jah, Jah, Jah, Jah, Jah
12) Smoke Weed Everyday
13) No Passa Passa
14) Real Warriors Ft Turbulence


Josey Wales & The All Stars - Cornerstone Connection

Cornerstone LP, 198X

A1) Josey Wales - Wrong Fi Send Come Call Me
A2) Josey Wales - Too Greedy
A3) Phillip Frazer & Dillinger - Fussing & Fighting
A4) Johnny Blacka - Ruba Dub Dance
A5) Early B - What A Blessing
A6) Singie Singie & Sister Vernia & Josey Wales - Come & Rock Me
B1) Josey Wales - The Runnings
B2) Braka D. - Me Belly Full
B3) Charlie Chaplin - No Body Child
B4) Peter Ranking & General Lucky - Rumors
B5) Dillinger & Jah Bible - No Promise
B6) Josey Wales - Original Josie


Winston Jarrett - Rocking Vibration

Tamoki-Wambesi-Dove LP, 1984

A1) I'm A Hurting Inside
A2) I Shen Galore
A3) Mash Down Babylon
A4) Never Love Again
B1) Pyaka
B2) Rocking Vibration
B3) Tired Of The System
B4) Wise Man

Dennis Brown - Could It Be

VP CD, 1996

 1) Wish It Was Me
 2) Cupid
 3) Youth Man
 4) Could It Be
 5) Bad Love Affair
 6) How Can I Stop Loving You
 7) Make Me Your Slave
 8) Stay In My Corner
 9) Close The Door
10) Cry For Love
11) Long Distance Lover

Produced by: Bunny Gemini

Gregory Isaacs - Cool Ruler Returns! [1984-86]


 1) More On More
 2) A, Miner
 3) Inner City Lady
 4) Wish You Were Mine
 5) Tenement Yard
 6) Nobody Knows
 7) Special to Me
 8) Don't Say No
 9) Losing Weight
10) No Rushings
11) When I Needed a Friend
12) Street Walker
13) Bits and Pieces
14) Continent Woman
15) Feeling Irie [Ft. Carlene Davis]
16) Sad and Lonely Man
17) Let Off Supm
18) Love is Overdue
19) Promise is a Comfort

Johnny Osbourne - Reality

Selection LP, 1984

A1) Dem Soldiers Are Coming [Extended]
A2) I Can't Depend On You [Extended]
A3) Rubba Dub Feeling [Extended]
B1) If You Love The Rubba Dub [Extended]
B2) Reality [Extended]
B3) True Love [Extended]
B4) For Your Love [Extended]

Bass: Flabba Holt
Drums: Style Scott
Lead Guitar: Dwight Pinkney
Rhythm Guitar: Bingy Bunny
Keyboards: Steelie
Organ: Winston Wright

Produced by: John Kelly
Mixed by: Soljie
Engineered by: Barnabas
Recorded & Mixed at: Channel One


V.A. - Starring Jah Woosh: Gun Fight At OK Karrol

Pioneer Int. LP, 1978

Record date: 1978

A1) Jah Woosh - Free I Soul
A2) Jah Woosh - Uncredited track [TNT]
A3) Jah Woosh - We Must Get Over
A4) Jah Woosh - Guide I Protect I
A5) Jah Woosh - Live It Up Black People
B1) Super Star - Harry Never Worry
B2) Super Star - Move Up Hutch
B3) Clancy Taylor - Spit In The Sky
B4) Clancy Taylor - Monica I Love You
B5) The Mexicano - Lovers Conversation
B6) Errol Scorcher - Guardie

Produced by: Sidney Crooks

Sugar Minott - Good Thing Going [Digital Edition]

Trojan, 2004

 1) The People Got To Know
 2) Never Too Young (aka 'Let Love Come In')
 3) I Know Them Love It (aka 'Keep The Crown Coming')
 4) Ghetto-ology
 5) I Am A Man (aka 'I'm Not For Sale')
 6) In The Residence
 7) Walking Through The Ghetto
 8) The Right Track (aka 'No Turning Back')
 9) It's All In The Game
10) Man Hungry
11) Can't Get Over (The Love We Knew)
12) We Are Going (aka 'Back Home')
13) Never Gonna Give Jah Up
14) Give The People What They Want (aka 'Freedom For The People')
15) Forever In Love
16) Strange Things
17) Save The Children (aka 'Teach The Youth The Truth')
18) I Want You To Know (Only Jah Jah)
19) Africa Is The Black Man's Home
20) Be Careful (aka 'Mind What You Say')


General Echo - Tribute To General Echo

Mandingo LP, 1983

A1) Sex Educational Class
A2) Sex Educational Class [Ft. Welton Irie]
A3) Bun Bun
A4) Love At First Sight
A5) Afrikan National Heroes
B1) Live Dances In Clarendon