"Unu have heard that it were said - 'Love thy companion an hate thy enemy.' But I-man tell unu, that unu might be childran fe your Faada Who are ina Heaven - love your enemies, an bless them who curse unu, an do fine fe them who hate unu, an pray becau them who persecute unu; fe HIM send forth Sun pon evil ones an pon goodly ones, an sends rain pon righteous ones an pon sinners. If unu love them who love unu what reward do unu have? How about tax collectors - wouldn't them do that? An if unu greet only your bredren what superiority do unu mek? How about sinners - wouldn't them do that? Thus like unto your Heavenly Faada were perfect - be perfect ones." SELAH.


Toyan - Spar With Me

VP CD, 2007

Record date: 1982

 1) Love & Devotion
 2) How It Begun
 3) You I Love
 4) Dread In Babylon
 5) Wharehouse Breaking
 6) Please Mi Barrister
 7) Solomon Never Wise
 8) Braga-dat
 9) Jacket & Tie
10) Spar With Me
11) Stylee
12) Walk And Talk With Jah Love

Backed by: High Times Band & Roots Radics

Produced by: Junjo Lawes
Mixed by: Scientist
Engineered by: Scientist
Recorded at: Channel One
Mixed at: Channel One

Toyan - Hot Bubble Gum

Power House LP, 1984

A1) Hot Bubble Gum
A2) Ram Dance Master
A3) What A Thing
A4) Treat The Dread Right
B1) Cumina
B2) DJ Crowd
B3) Dread
B4) Tickle Me

Bass: Lloyd Parks & Robbie
Drums: Sly & Barnabas
Lead Guitar: Willie Lindo
Rhythm Guitar: Willie Lindo
Keyboards: Robbie Lyn

Produced by: George Phang
Recorded at: Channel One
Mixed at: Dynamic Sounds
Engineered by: Peter Chemist & Mikey Riley


Ras Karbi - The Seven Seals

Rockstone Prod. LP, 1984

Record date: 1984

A1) Discrimination
A2) Babylon Gravestone
A3) Rascals
A4) Jah Rastaman
A5) Rise Up Jah Jah Children
B1) Jamaica Is Waiting
B2) Longing For Your Touch
B3) Why You Do Me That
B4) Country Life
B5) I'll Never Leave You Again

Vocals: Ras Karbi
Backing vocals: Pam Hall, J.C. Lodge, Aidra Chin, Gem, The Tamlins, Light Of Love & Israel Vibration
Backing Band: The Wailers & We The People Band
Bass: Lloyd Parks & Robbie Shakespeare
Drums: Sly Dunbar
Percussions: Ras Karbi
Piano: Tyrone Downie, Franklyn Bubbler Waul & Robert Lynn

Produced by: Ras Karbi
Mixed by: Errol Brown, Stephen Stanley & Franklyn Bubbler Waul
Engineered by: Oswald Palmer, Errol Brown, Sylvan Morris & Soljie Hamilton
Recorded at: Channel One & Tuff Gong
Mixed at: Dynamic Sounds & Tuff Gong

Dillinger - Bionic Dread

Island LP, 1976

A1) Bionic Dread
A2) King Of The Road
A3) Invisible Dread
A4) Forward Commandments
A5) Ragnampiza
B1) Rastaman Skank
B2) Ital Fighting
B3) Combination Two
B4) Selassie I
B5) Natty B.S.C.

Vocals: Dillinger
Bass: Ranchie
Drums: Sly Dunbar
Rhythm Guitar: Rad Bryan
Lead Guitar: Rad Bryan
Keyboards: Ossie Hibbert, Ansel Collins & Tarzan
Percussions: Sticky & Barnabas

Produced by: Joseph Hoo Kim
Engineered by: Mac & Ernest Hoo Kim & Barnabas
Recorded at: Channel One (Kingston, JA)

Lone Ranger - Rosemarie

Black Joy LP, 1981

Record date: 1981

A1) Rosemarie
A2) The Storm
A3) Fussing & Fighting
A4) Reggae Dance
A5) Natty Dread A De Foreigna
B1) Dance Hall Style
B2) Collie Dub
B3) Escape Convict
B4) Fe Mi Woman A De Bes'
B5) Judge Not

Bass: Flabba Holt
Drums: Style Scott
Guitar: Rad Bryan, Bingy Bunny & Dwight Pickney
Keyboards: Winston Wright
Percussions: Sky Juice & Skully
Horns: Dean Frazer & Nambo Robinson

Produced by: Winston Riley
Mixed by: Maxie & Soljie Hamilton
Recorded at: Channel One (Kingston, JA)

Requests #6:

Various - A Different Business [Heavy Beat LP, 1993]
Various - Nuff Problems Vol.1 [Proverbs LP]
Owen Grey - This Is Owen Grey [Pama LP]
Delroy Wilson - Now [Real Wax LP, 1977]
Frankie Jones - Who Nuh Hear Me Yet (Wackie's LP, 1987)
Various - Various Artists Vol.1 [Pipper Records LP]
Various - The Best Of Leggo [Déclic Sound CD, 1995]
Sammy Levi - Here I Am [Stingray CD, 1995]
Richie Davis - Love Songs [Progressive Sound LP, 1990]
Various - New Dimension Rhythm All Stars [Justice LP, 1992]
Lorna Asher - Bring Back The Love
Untouchables - Untouchables A Come [King Jam LP, 1989]
Various - Youth Promotion Come Again [Alpha Enterprise CD, 1993]
Sanchez - Brighter Day [Time One]
Louie Lepke - Mind Your Business -- Dance Down A Ochie [Clay Pot 12'', 198X]
Sugar Minott & The Crew - Christmas Jamboree [Youth Promotion LP, 1989]
Amp-Ech - Against Injustice [Not On Label LP, 1987]
Bolivar - Self Titled [Dart LP, 1975]
Big Youth & Bobo General - Mind Blowing // No To Drugs [Mr. Doo 12'']

Lee Van Cleef - Reggae Sunsplash

Germain LP, 1982

 1) Reggae Sunsplash
 2) Don't Tax Me Fi That
 3) Dead Ina Bed
 4) Gonna Love Her Tonight
 5) Country John
 6) Different Fashion
 7) Dread At The Controls
 8) Spot And Beat The Banker
 9) Shirley
10) Whole Heap A Girls

Vocals: Lee Van Cleef
Backing Band: The Roots Radics & The Taxi Gang

Michael Palmer - We Rule

Powerhouse LP, 1985

A1) Pull It Up Now
A2) So Many Face
A3) See Me Ya
A4) A We Rule
B1) Don't Push Me
B2) Mix Up
B3) Flirt Around
B4) She Give Me Fever
B5) Don't Stay Out Love


Tapper Zukie - Black Man

Tappa LP, 1978

A1) My God Is Real
A2) Revolution
A3) Poor Man Problem
A4) Money Man Skank
A5) Yaga Yaga
B1) The Boom
B2) Leggo Violence
B3) Gather Them
B4) Black Man

Toyan With Tipper Lee & Johnny Slaughter - Murder

Vista LP, 1983

A1) Toyan - Joycie Gwan
A2) Tipper Lee & Johnny Slaughter - Sensimelia
A3) Toyan - Super Don ['Storm' Riddim]
A4) Tipper Lee & Johnny Slaughter - Warn Them
A5) Toyan - Pretty Face
B1) Tipper Lee & Johnny Slaughter - Over Me
B2) Toyan - Right Time ['African Beat' Riddim]
B3) Tipper Lee & Johnny Slaughter - Confusion ['Rougher Yet' Riddim]
B4) Toyan - Ice Cream ['Bobby Babylon' Riddim]
B5) Tipper Lee & Johnny Slaughter - Poor Man ['Rougher Yet' Riddim]

Produced by: Jah Thomas

Dillinger - Dub Organiser

Scandal Bag LP, 1998

Record date: 1979

 1) Dub Organiser
 2) Chucky Boo
 3) Braces Boy
 4) Dub Rub Them
 5) Take A Dip
 6) Out The Light
 7) I Saw He Saw
 8) Don't Use Woman
 9) Poverty And Strife
10) Jah Guiding Star
11) Do You Love Me Honey
12) The Handle Baby
13) Cork And Tarball
14) Daddy Joseph


Sugar Minott - Dance Hall Showcase Vol. II

Wackie's, 2008

 1) Informer (Sugar Minott)
 2) Informout (Sugar Minott)
 3) Genuine Lover (Sugar Minott)
 4) Genuine Dub (Sugar Minott)
 5) So We Love It (Sugar Minott)
 6) So We Dub It (Sugar Minott)
 7) Dread A Mi Idren (Sugar Minott)
 8) Dreadlocks Rock (Sugar Minott)
 9) Informer (Jah Batta)
10) Tear Down The Dance Hall (Little John)

Dillinger - At King Tubbys (197X)

Attack CD, 2006

 1) Regular Girl
 2) Jah Show Them The Way
 3) Jah Show Them The Way Dub
 4) African Worldwide
 5) African Worldwide Dub
 6) Dont Take Brothermans Life
 7) Dont Take Brothermans Life Dub
 8) Trial And Crosses
 9) See And Blind
10) Leggo Violence
11) Natty Dreada Ruler
12) Daylight Savings Time
13) Fernando Sancho
14) Babylon Leggo Jah Children
15) Truth And Light
16) Truth And Light Dub


V.A. - Big Blunts Vol.3

Tommy Boy CD, 1996

 1) Rahsun & Skeeta Ranx - Weed Life [Funk Mix]
 2) I Need More Chronic
 3) Sluggy & Tuffest - So Many Spliff
 4) Junior Reid - Sensi Breeze
 5) Baby Wayne - Weed Not Coke
 6) Screechy Dan - Ganja Smoker
 7) Chronicle - Chronic Man
 8) Rahsun & Skeeta Ranx - Weed Life [Dance Hall Reggae Version]
 9) Carlton Livingston - Trodding Through The Jungle
10) Sister Carol - Wicked Draw A Sensi
11) Barrington Levy - Gimme The Grass
12) Jr. Wilson - Ganja Man
13) Steel Pulse - Macka Splaff
14) Horace Fergeson - Sensi Addict

V.A. - Big Blunts Vol.2

Tommy Boy CD, 1996

 1) Bounty Killer & Masta Killa - Eyes A Bleed [RZA Remix]
 2) Junior Cat - Chronic Meditation
 3) Bajja Jedd - Ganja Smokin'
 4) Anthony Redrose - Gi We The Weed
 5) Bounty Killer - Eyes A Bleed
 6) Danny Clarke & Yankee B - Ganja Man Live On
 7) Beenie Man & Barrington Levy - Under Me Sensi
 8) Carlton Livingston - 100 Weight of Collie Weed
 9) John Holt - Police in Helicopter
10) Eek-A-Mouse - Ganja Smuggling
11) Barrington Levy - Collie Weed
12) Pato Banton - Don't Sniff Coke
13) Lone Ranger - 1-4 Lb Of Ishen
14) Bounty Killer - Eyes a Bleed [Tom Laroc Remix]

V.A. - Big Blunts Vol.1

Tommy Boy CD, 1994

 1) Wayne Smith - Under Mi Sleng Teng Remix
 2) U-Roy - Chalice In The Palace
 3) Yellowman & Fathead - Herbman Smuggling
 4) Lone Ranger - Jamaica Weed
 5) Ninjaman - Legalize The Herb
 6) Rita Marley - One Draw
 7) Wayne Smith - Under Mi Sleng Teng
 8) Sugar Minott - Herbsman Hustling
 9) Barrington Levy - Under Mi Sensi
10) Tony Rebel - Herb
11) Frankie Paul - Pass The Tu Sheng Peng
12) Mighty Diamonds - Pass The Kutchie

Produced by: Prince Jammy, DJ Muggs, Tony Robinson, Joseph Hoo Kim & Donovan Germain.


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Ruddy Thomas - Greatest Hits (197X-8X)

Rhino CD, 1997

 1) Every Day Is Just A Holiday
 2) When I Think Of You
 3) Time For Love
 4) Loving Pauper
 5) Let's Make A Baby
 6) Time To Leave Daddy
 7) Key To The World
 8) Mamma Say
 9) Let Me Know
10) Parent's Fault
11) Windy Day
12) Feeling Soul
13) Just One Moment Away
15) That's What Friends Are For
16) These Songs
17) Sad Eyes
18) Go Home Son
19) Long Lost Lover
20) People Make The World Go Round

Ruddy Thomas - When I've Got You

Hawkeye LP, 1983

 1) When I've Got You
 2) We Need Love
 3) Loving You Is Mellow
 4) Back To Paradise
 5) Nice And Easy
 6) Key To The World
 7) Dedicated To You
 8) Take It
 9) Just One Moment Away
10) Walking Up A One Way Street


Ruddy Thomas - Don't Want To Lose You

World Enterprise LP, 1987

A1) Time For Love
A2) I'd Rather Hurt Myself Than To Hurt You
A3) Lady, Lady, Lady
A4) I've Got The Love You Need
A5) I'm Coming Home
B1) Walk On By
B2) All This Love
B3) I Don't Wanna Lose You
B4) You're So Good
B5) United Together

Produced by: Ruddy Thomas

Visit: Satta Massagana ®

Ruddy Thomas - Reggae By Ruddy Thomas

Friends LP, 1983

A1) Deja Vu
A2) Mercy Mercy Me
A3) Someone To Love
A4) Feel So Good To Be Loved So Bad
A5) I'm So Lonely
B1) Tina
B2) Strange Things
B3) Schoolmate
B4) Stranger In Love
B5) Reflections Of My Life [Ft. Barry Biggs]

Backing vocals: Cynthia Slash, Pam Hall & Home T
Bass: Lloyd Parks & Robbie Shakespeare
Drums: Sly Dunbar & Devon Richardson
Lead Guitar: Willy Lindo
Rhythm Guitar: Bo-Pee Bowen
Organ: Winston Wright & Robbie Lyn
Piano: Keith Sterling & Gladstone Anderson
Synthysizer: Harold Butler
Horns: Dean Frazer, David Madden & Nambo Robinson

Produced by: Tapper Zukie
Engineered by: Noel Elliot
Mixed by: Blackbeard, Noel Elliot, Maxie & Willy Lindo
Recorded at: Dynamic Studios


Al Mighty Dread - Emergency

Mighty Dread CD

 1) Raining Love
 2) Wait
 3) Father Nature
 4) King Selassie
 5) Emegency
 6) Learn To Love
 7) Sweet Lady
 8) Do You Believe
 9) Man From Creation
10) Babylon Invasion
11) Mad Situation
12) Disobedient Children
13) Neightbours
14) Another Fire
15) Another Dub

Produced by: Al Mighty Dread


Sugar Roy & Conrad Crystal - Universal Tribute To Gregory Isaacs

Fire Ball/VP CD, 2011

 1) Spreading Rumours (With Fantan Mojah)
 2) John Public A Watch
 3) My Religion
 4) Universal (With Luciano)
 5) Night Nurse
 6) Cool Down
 7) All I Have Is Love
 8) Front Door
 9) Number One
10) Mr. Brown
11) Black A Kill Black
12) Sacrifice
13) Border
14) Hard Drugs
15) Tune In
16) Love Overdue
17) Soon Forward
18) Oh What A Feeling