"Unu have heard that it were said - 'Love thy companion an hate thy enemy.' But I-man tell unu, that unu might be childran fe your Faada Who are ina Heaven - love your enemies, an bless them who curse unu, an do fine fe them who hate unu, an pray becau them who persecute unu; fe HIM send forth Sun pon evil ones an pon goodly ones, an sends rain pon righteous ones an pon sinners. If unu love them who love unu what reward do unu have? How about tax collectors - wouldn't them do that? An if unu greet only your bredren what superiority do unu mek? How about sinners - wouldn't them do that? Thus like unto your Heavenly Faada were perfect - be perfect ones." SELAH.


V.A. - Joe Gibbs Original DJ Classics Vol.1

Rocky One LP, 1990

Record date: 197X

A1) Joe Tex & U Black - Friday Evening
A2) Welton Irie - Nice Up The Dance
A3) Madoo - Joe Grine
A4) Kojak & Liza - Sky Juice
A5) Trinity - Three Piece Suit
A6) Trinity - Slim Ting
B1) Kojak - Green Bay Killing
B2) Kojak & Liza - 1000 Gal
B3) Eek A Mouse - Virgin Girl
B4) Errol Scorcher - Under Me
B5) Big Youth - George Foreman
B6) Althea & Donna - Uptown Top Ranking

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